Elizabeth Banks On How Marvel’s Loki Inspired Her Pitch Perfect TV Series

Left to right: Adam DeVine as Bumper in Pitch Perfect and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Loki.
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Loki and Pitch Perfect are not two properties that have many obvious similarities. One is a time-travel adventure, multiverse-centered, action-packed show. The other is a movie franchise about college a capella groups. However, with the new Pitch Perfect series that follows the villain of the first movie, Bumper, Elizabeth Banks has explained how the Marvel show inspired the Pitch Perfect spin-off. 

While on The View Banks, who is an executive producer on the series, explained why Loki helped inspire the show, and it has to do with both characters' evolutions from villain to anti-hero. While Bumper is not out trying to save the universe from multiverse chaos, he is on his own journey of self-discovery and acceptance like Loki. Banks explained: 

We are always looking for ways to bring more Pitch Perfect to the fans. Honestly, we were a little inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki show. They took a villain from Marvel, and they gave him a television show, with a whole backstory. We thought, ‘Can we do that with Adam DeVine's character, Bumper?’ He's kind of a lovable villain.

Now that she said this, it does make sense. By watching the Marvel movies in order we’ve seen Tom Hiddleston's unexpectedly lovable character go from a devious villain who was trying to destroy Earth, to the mischievous brother of Thor who can be helpful at times. Then, in Loki, we saw him take more of a hero role, albeit in a very unconventional way, as he tried to figure out what was going on at the TVA. Now with Season 2 of Loki in Marvel’s lineup of upcoming shows, it seems like the god of mischief is on track to be even more of a hero. Loki’s evolution is honestly quite similar to Bumper’s in Pitch Perfect, so I can see why Banks would make this comparison. 

As for Adam DeVine’s role in the Pitch Perfect cast, there are some overarching similarities between Bumper and the Marvel character. In the first movie, Bumper is the rude and selfish leader of The Treblemakers. The character bullies multiple characters, and he leaves his group to pursue a solo singing career. He’s the clear villain of the first movie and no one really likes him; however, in the second one, he kind of redeems himself and becomes Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) love interest. Now, with this new show, it seems like we might get a bit of a redemption arc for Bumper. 

I think another reason these anti-hero stories work for characters like Loki and Bumper is that the actors who play them are incredibly charismatic. Both Hiddleston and DeVine are incredibly likable people, and their performances are so charming. It's impossible for me to not have a soft spot for their mischievous characters. 

Bumper in Berlin is on the fall TV schedule, and I’m excited to see if more parallels between the singer and the god of mischief keep coming up. You can watch the Pitch Perfect spin-off with a Peacock subscription, starting November, 23, and the first season of Loki is available with a Disney+ subscription

Riley Utley
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