Extraction 2’s Chris Hemsworth Celebrated After Finishing A ‘Big Week’ Of Shooting (And His Plans Involved A Lot Of Meat)

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Chris Hemsworth is a hard-working man, and he’s certainly proving that through his time on the set of Netflix’s Extraction 2. His behind-the-scenes updates indicate that the highly anticipated sequel has been a massive endeavor. Though the team has work to do, it would seem that they’re also taking the appropriate amount of time to relax and bond. In his most recent social media post, Hemsworth showed the group celebrating after a “big week” of filming. And their plans involved a sizable amount of meat, too. 

Extraction 2 is currently shooting in Austria, where the cast and crew have been dealing with snowy conditions. One of the videos Chris Hemsworth shared in his recent Instagram post is enough to give you chills, but it sounds like it was all worth it for the party that followed. In his caption, the actor discussed the way he and his collaborators partied after the work was finished:

Epic way to finish off a big week of shooting on #Extraction2 in Austria! Consumed my body weight in strudel, schnitzel and schnapps (say that 6 times fast) then rolled down the mountain

I can’t be the only one who has actually tried to say strudel, schnitzel and schnapps six times fast, can I? Well, even if I am, that doesn’t change the fact that the cast and crew found a sweet way to commemorate this particular stretch of their shoot. And the meal looks just as appetizing as it sounds. In his post, the lead actor, who returns as Tyler Rake, included a video of the actual meal. You can check it out for yourself down below:

You may be thinking that that’s a lot of food but, when you’ve done as much work as they’ve been doing, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Filming for the action movie began in December 2021, during which Chris Hemsworth celebrated with a snowy social media post that included director Sam Hargrave. Production seems to be moving along well though, based on one of his humorous updates, Hemsworth indicated that he’s finding it hard to relax on set.

Luckily, the 38-year-old Australia native has been able to enjoy some downtime here and there. He previously revealed that one of his sons had joined him on set, for what was one of the quieter moments amid production. And even though he’s been giving a lot to the job as of late, the performer is still having fun with the work itself. This was clear in a recent “stunt” video he shared. 

At this point, it’s unclear how much longer Extraction 2 will continue to be in production, though everyone seems to be having a ball overall. Finding the balance between the job and personal pleasure is important, and it’s great that this group has seemingly found it. There’s a good chance they still have some other major feats ahead of them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Hemsworth and co. choose to celebrate with even more delicious food down the road.

A release date has yet to be announced for Extraction 2, though there’s a chance it could join the list of new movie releases of 2022. While you wait for updates, be sure to check out the original 2020 film using a Netflix subscription.

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