Ginny And Georgia Season 2: 6 Quick Things We Know About The Upcoming Season

A great year for Netflix original shows came around by late 2020. One of the streamer's biggest record-breakers, Bridgerton, premiered in December, and had people talking for most of the following year. Another huge series, Squid Game, came out in September 2021, and is now preparing for Season 2. One other show that you might not realize was hugely popular in 2021 was Ginny & Georgia, a TV series that told the story of a mother and her two children, Ginny and Austin, who travel to a small town, as the mother is trying to escape the past and keep her secrets from her children.

The series was watched by fifty-two million subscribers and was a huge hit, and of course, it garnered a Season 2. But since the initial announcement, things have been kept pretty quiet on when we might get to see the next adventure. From who might be coming back to what the next season will be about, here are some quick things we know about Ginny & Georgia Season 2.

Ginny and Georgia in the show.

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Season 2 Does Not Have A Set Premiere Date

While the show was renewed relatively quickly after the premiere, as of September 2022, the show still does not have a set premiere date. 

However, that doesn’t mean there’s still not a chance it’ll show up on the 2022 TV premiere schedule. There aren't heavy visual effects like The Witcher or something that’s going to take ages for the crew to perfect after filming. Hopefully, because it’s a simple teen series like Never Have I Ever and the show has finished production (as talked about below), we could end up getting it soon, but only time will tell.

I’d say hope for the best and expect the worst. I’m holding out for an early 2023 release, if all goes well. 

Ginny in Ginny and Georgia.

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Season 2 Will Have Ten Episodes

Along with the renewal, it was confirmed that the second season of the dramedy would have ten episodes, just like the first season. This isn’t that much of a surprise, as that seems to be a case with a lot of Netflix shows – quality over quantity - which is totally fine with me. 

Ginny & Georgia in Netflix.

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The Main Stars Are Expected To Come Back

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any official casting news from the streamer about who is going to return for Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia, but we can say that the main cast is expected to return, based on interviews and videos about the popular show that have come out since then. 

In an interview with Seventeen, Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny, talked about her character and how they were planning on filming Season 2 back in November of 2021, so it seemed clear she was going to return to the series. 

But, we can’t have Ginny without Georgia, and Brianne Howey is expected to return as Ginny’s mother. In an interview that she did with People ahead of the show being renewed by Netflix, Howey spoke about her character and what she hopes will be next for Georgia in Season 2:

I would like Georgia to tap into her heart and figure out what she really wants.

Another cast member that we’re pretty confident is returning is Sara Waisglass, who portrayed Ginny’s BFF, Maxine, whom she had a falling out with at the end of the first season after it was revealed that Ginny slept with Max’s brother. 

Waisglass has talked about her time on set during Season 2 on social media, and even posted a picture of her character’s anime on the outside of a trailer on Twitter in December of 2021, which lines up with what Gentry was saying in terms of filming, so it’s exciting to see them come back. 

We’re not sure about the rest of the Ginny & Georgia cast and crew, but let’s hope that all of them end up coming back to continue this crazy story. 

Ginny and George in Ginny And Georgia.

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Season 2 Is Going To Have Much Higher Stakes

In the interview with Gentry for Season 2, she was quick to say that the next part of the show is going to have stakes that are “much higher” than the previous season:

For season 2, the stakes are much higher now — obviously — than we left off with Season 1. So, I think fans will be in for a lot of wonderful tension, a lot of building up to climax, and a couple of interesting characters will be revealed.

For those who don’t remember what happened to Ginny at the end of the first season, she found out that her mother poisoned her stepfather after she had seen him touch her daughter rather suggestively. After this, Ginny grabbed her brother and ran for their safety. 

I have to admit, when this happened, I was pretty surprised, because I didn’t know where on earth Ginny was going to go, and where she would find safety, so I’m eager to see where this is going to lead.

Georgia and Joe in Ginny & Georgia.

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Joe Is Expected To Still Be A Part Of Season 2

Prior to Season 2 being announced, the show’s executive producers, Sarah Lampert and Debra J. Fisher, sat down with HollywoodLife to do an interview regarding the finale status of several characters in the first season, and one of them was Joe, the cafe owner in their new town. 

When asked about the idea of including Joe more in a possible second season, Fisher was quick to say that he would definitely be a part of Season 2 if they got one, and now they have! While this doesn’t confirm that Joe is going to be in Season 2 (since we have no official announcement yet), it’s still exciting to hear and I hope they stick with that. 

The two main characters of Ginny & Georgia.

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Production For Season 2 Wrapped As Of September 2022

Now this is the news we need to hear about. As of September 2022, production for Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia has wrapped! Showrunner Debra J. Fisher posted a video to her TikTok confirming the news, saying that it was a matter of Netflix completing dubbing for the show over the next “fourteen weeks” into all the non-English speaking languages. 

With that in mind we still don’t know when the show is set to premiere, but with that little piece of information, the earliest we could possibly get the show would be the end of the year, and Fisher even confirmed this in the comments on her video. 

While we don’t have that much news about the next season, we are inching closer and closer to finding out more. I can’t wait to see where this teen show goes next, and I’m sure you’re just as excited. We need the return of MANG now.

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