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Good Girls: What To Watch If You Like The Dramedy Series

The main stars of Good Girls.
(Image credit: NBC)

Good Girls came to a close on NBC last year, and its final season is now available to stream on Netflix, so you can see how the stories of three mothers who turned to crime in order to provide for their families, and got into way more trouble than they ever could have imagined, ended. 

But, maybe you got through that last season quite quickly and are looking for something that might be able to fill the void that Good Girls left behind. Look no further than here, as these are some of the best TV shows like Good Girls out there that are available to stream right now. 

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in Dead to Me.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Dead To Me (Netflix)

In this Netflix original series, two women become friends in a grief counseling group, but it's soon revealed that one of them might just be responsible for the death of the other’s husband - leading to darkly comedic antics. 

Let me just say that Dead to Me is a great show for many reasons, but one of the main ones that I always talk about is how well Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate carry this show. They are so amazingly talented, and their chemistry reminds me of the lead characters in Good Girls, which is what makes this the perfect show for you. 

Stream Dead to Me on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

One of the women featured in Why Women Kill.

(Image credit: Paramount Plus)

Why Women Kill (Paramount Plus)

In this Paramount+ original show, Why Women Kill is exactly as the title says - we follow different women across several decades as we find out what exactly led them to murder. 

I think what I love the most about this show for fans of Good Girls is that these women are relatively normal, at least in the very beginning, just like the main characters of Good Girls. But, the actions of those around them (including infidelity and abuse) cause them to turn to crime after their lives are turned upside down. The stories are interesting and the acting is great as well. Both seasons are definitely worth a shot to check out. 

Stream Why Women Kill on Paramount Plus. (opens in new tab)

Bill Hader in Barry.

(Image credit: HBO)

Barry (HBO Max)

HBO has you covered with this show. Barry, starring the hilarious Bill Hader, tells the story of a former Marine who now works as a hitman because of his skillset. When he gets an assignment in L.A., Barry gets way more than he bargained with the city, including becoming a part of a friendly theater group. 

Barry is just a great time overall, and definitely perfect for Good Girls fans. Barry isn’t a bad man by any means. Because of what he’s been through in his life, he turned to this job in order for him to pay the bills and still be good at something. But, through coming to L.A. he finds acceptance in the strangest way and becomes a better version of himself - albeit still a little messed up. It’s such a great show, and with Season 3 on the way, it’s worth the time to catch up now. 

Stream Barry on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)

Lali Esposito, Yany Prado, and Veronica Sanchez in Sky Rojo

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sky Rojo (Netflix)

In this Netflix original series, you’ll be rooting for these women from the very beginning. The premise is simple in Sky Rojo - three women, who worked as prostitutes, take it upon themselves to flee from their pimp, using any means possible, avoiding death around every corner. 

While the three leading ladies of Sky Rojo aren’t housewives like the ones in Good Girls, you can’t help but love them just as much. The amount of resilience these young women have, mixed in with their cleverness when it comes to survival, has you cheering at the TV screen constantly. With two seasons available to stream and a third one on the way, Sky Rojo is such a great investment of your time. 

Stream Sky Rojo on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

One of the main cast members of Harlots.

(Image credit: Hulu)

Harlots (Hulu)

Moving on, we have Harlots, a fantastic Hulu original. This period drama mainly focuses on Margaret Wells, a woman who runs a brothel in London during the 1800s in order to provide for her daughters and give them a stable life, despite the danger this eventually leads to. 

Harlots was one of those shows that was cancelled far too quickly. With only three seasons, this is a show I could see going on for at least a couple more, with its compelling lead characters, interesting story, and excellent set design. Like the lead characters in Good Girls, these women have minds of their own and aim to do well in life, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that, but what makes it even better is that it takes place way in the past. 

Stream Harlots on Hulu. (opens in new tab)

Joe and Love in their house in You.

(Image credit: Netflix)

You (Netflix)

Ever wanted to know what it was like for someone to be impossibly in love with you? That’s what You is. This popular Netflix original tells the story of Joe, a seemingly normal man who has a hankering for love and falls for women very easily - and will do anything in order to win their affections. 

You is another case for Good Girl fans where this man is so average in every way possible, but in order to win a girl, he will literally kill people. And, I mean from the very first episode, we are not held back from what he will do. He’s not a completely bad person - just very bad at love, which is what makes him such an interesting character. There were so many questions at the end of You Season 3, which makes me want Season 4 even more. 

Stream You on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

Alia Shawkat on Search Party

(Image credit: TBS/HBO Max)

Search Party (HBO Max)

If you’re looking for another great show starring a group of amazing women, check out Search Party. This TBS original, which later moved to HBO Max, follows a friend group in Brooklyn when they decide to get involved with the search for a young woman who has gone missing, and how them deciding to help only causes many more problems. 

What I like about Search Party for fans of Good Girls is that it almost sort of feels like the same premise. These characters are very normal and only when this person goes missing do they feel the need to help out, and because of this, their lives are forever changed - sort of the same with the three women in Good Girls and their original heist. With five seasons to stream, it’s a great show to watch. 

Stream Search Party on HBO Max. (opens in new tab)

Inbar Levi in Imposters.

(Image credit: Bravo)

Imposters (Netflix)

Imposters is a fantastic series that follows Maddie, a beautiful woman who seems completely normal. However, she has a bit of a side hustle going on - she marries men, and then steals all their money, with the help of allies. But soon, her past starts to catch up with her, and her little con that she’s had going on for so long slowly begins to fall apart. 

What makes Imposters such a great series for fans of Good Girls is that the main character, Maddie, is so intriguing. That’s always what makes these shows so good - they have incredibly well-written characters - and Maddie is one of those. You don’t want to like what she does, but she is so good and charming that you can’t help but enjoy her. While there were only two seasons, it’s a good binge for a weekend. 

Stream Imposters on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

Alison Brie in GLOW.

(Image credit: Netflix)

GLOW (Netflix)

Next up, we have the Netflix original series, GLOW, which takes place during the eighties and mainly focuses on women’s syndicated wrestling, which was a huge thing back then, focusing on their struggle to be taken seriously as a real sport, as well as their problems outside of the job. 

GLOW was such a fantastic series, and I’m still upset it was cancelled. For fans of Good Girls, if you want a strong, female-led cast, this is the show to watch. But, not only is the GLOW cast immaculately talented (featuring the wonderful Alison Brie in the lead role), but these stories will have you cheering, sobbing, laughing, and so much more. It’s an emotional ride from beginning to end, and I will never forgive Netflix for ending it so soon. 

Stream Glow on Netflix. (opens in new tab)

The Claws cast

(Image credit: TNT)

Claws (Hulu)

Last but not least, we have Claws. This comedy series tells the story of a group of manicurists who decide that crime sounds more like their style, and end up entering into the world of money laundering - doing extremely well and looking stylish as heck. 

What makes this series so good, and a great pick for Good Girls fans, is that it’s primarily the same idea. Many of the manicurists in this show decide to partake in this money laundering scheme for their own needs because they feel they never get the opportunities they work for. For example, the lead character, Desna, ends up laundering money so she can buy a new salon. While there are other characters who are less than innocent, the main cast is fantastic, and the story will have you hooked. 

Stream Claws on Hulu. (opens in new tab)

While Good Girls has come to an end, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t plenty of awesome TV shows out there that you can watch. And, maybe because of this list, you might have found a brand new show that could become your favorite - and might even pop up on the 2022 TV schedule.  

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