How Kim Kardashian's Staff Supposedly Reacted To Having A Dress Code

Kim Kardashian in The Kardashians preview.
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Kim Kardashian’s fashion has certainly evolved over the years, thanks in part to her relationship and subsequent divorce from Kanye West, and she was even named one of the most fashionable celebrities of 2022. Given the icon she’s become in that corner of the entertainment world, it’s not exactly hard to believe that it’s not just her own fashion that she maintains control over, but those who work for her as well. She recently revealed that the employees at her office have a dress code to follow, and she spoke about what they thought of the idea when she presented it.

The SKIMS founder talked to Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, where the host noticed that her staff all seemed to have coordinated their attire. Kim Kardashian said that “absolutely” was by design, revealing that she’d introduced a color palette for her employees in order to maintain the calmness of her home. Apparently the idea was a hit with her workers, as Kardashian said (via US Weekly): 

My house is so zen, so I asked how everyone felt about it and everyone actually said, ‘That would make our life so easy.’ And once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I was like, ‘Yes, let’s do this.'

Apparently her staffers liked the simplicity of having a dress code, which makes me wonder if there was some kind of an approval process regarding their clothing before Kim Kardashian added the mandate to her “handbook” for employees. While putting it in the handbook makes it official, the dress code is not a uniform, the Hulu reality star clarified. It’s just a color palette to adhere to, as their outfits can consist of “grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki.” She added:

We can stick with all neutrals. Not a lot of color blocking.

It’s not uncommon for employees of any kind to require some kind of a dress code, and as far as Kim Kardashian’s staff goes, it sounds like they still have quite a bit of freedom regarding their wardrobe. While keeping with a neutral theme, they’ve got quite a few colors to choose from, and I’m sure the guidelines help to maintain that specific aesthetic she’s going for in her home and office.

Kim Kardashian has spoken about her minimalistic style and the neutral color palette in her house. Possibly most notably, it’s been fodder for her oldest daughter, North West, who the reality star said has been known to shade her “ugly,” “all-white” decor when the two have a disagreement. However, the beige background sure made a good blank canvas for all the elf hijinks the family saw this Christmas, as Kardashian was one of the celebrities who crushed Elf on the Shelf this year.

Perhaps we’ll get a peek at more of Kim Kardashian’s neutral-colored home — if not her employees’ color-coordinated outfits — when The Kardashians returns to Hulu as part of the 2023 TV schedule. For now, the first two seasons are available for streaming with a Hulu subscription

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