Inventing Anna: What To Watch If You Liked The Shonda Rhimes Series

Inventing Anna on Netflix
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Have you been watching Inventing Anna? Because I certainly have. 

The latest entry into the Shonda Rhimes world of TV has certainly captured the attention of viewers, becoming the number one most-watched show in the United States on Netflix the week of its debut. The limited series inspired by the article written about the real-life scandal of Anna Sorokin has gotten everyone’s attention, through its drama, story, and amazing acting delivered by Julia Garner. 

But after going through those episodes so quickly, I’m sure you’re looking for something new to watch after the limited series is done. Look no further, as these are some of the best shows you can watch next after Inventing Anna, from long-time shows to Academy Award-nominated movies. 

Octavia Spencer in Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker.

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Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of Madam C.J. Walker (Netflix)

If you liked a series that follows someone posing as a millionaire, check out this inspiring miniseries about a real self-made millionaire. Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madden C.J. Walker follows the titular person, Madden Walker, who was a huge influence on hair care for Black women, and became the first ever African-American woman self-made millionaire. 

While the story is largely fictionalized (as this is a drama) there are several moments that are clearly inspired directly from the life of Walker, creating a memorable show that will truly captivate you from the very beginning. It also helps that Octavia Spencer stars in this miniseries, who is a true powerhouse of an actress

Stream Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker on Netflix.

One of the subjects in The Tinder Swindler.

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The Tinder Swindler (Netflix)

Next up, we have The Tinder Swindler. This original movie is a documentary about a man who disguised himself in several different ways on Tinder, trying to slip into the minds of women and defrauding them all across Europe. 

Inventing Anna is based on Annie’s experiences swindling her way through hotels and private jets without a legit dime to her name, you’ll be fascinated by this story of how this man allegedly does it through just a phone. Shimon Hayut, the man behind the Tinder mask, shocked me that he somehow did all of this through a dating app, luring in these women, only to take away all of their money. You’ll find yourself pulled in too at the sheer amount of craziness that happens. 

Stream The Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

Matt Bomer in White Collar.

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White Collar (Hulu)

Moving back to drama, we have a great series to binge. White Collar is a police procedural drama about a former con artist and the special agent that was hunting him down for three years. In order for him to be free on a work-release program, the con artist takes a job working with the very man that caught him in order to catch other con-artist criminals. 

If you're a fan of stories about expert con artists, White Collar is definitely the show for you. Not only will you get an insight into the mind of a con artist and see how they can be tracked down, but I really love the relationship between Neal and Peter, the con artist and the special agent. They bounce well off of each other and make the show great.

Stream White Collar on Hulu.

One of the subjects of Generation Hustle.

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Generation Hustle (HBO Max)

If you’re looking for another great docuseries, check out the HBO Max original, Generation Hustle. This series actually focuses on the different ways in which people have hustled to gain power in the world, or money, or just overall fame, from scams to scandals. 

I mean, if you’re a fan of Inventing Anna, there’s a whole episode actually dedicated to Sorokin, and where it talks about the Moroccan retreat that was featured in the show. But honestly, this docu-series is so informative and truly tells so many interesting and amazing stories, and makes you realize just how far people will apparently go in order to get more likes on social media, or have a little bit extra money in their bank account. 

Stream Generation Hustle on HBO Max.

Giovanni Ribisi in Sneaky Pete.

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Sneaky Pete (Amazon Prime)

Now this is a brilliant Amazon original series. Sneaky Pete follows Marius Josipovic, a criminal who had acted as a con man, and just got out of jail after a three-year long stint. In order for him to make a life out there, he takes on the identity of his former cellmate, Pete Murphy, in order to con the man’s family, who hasn’t seen him in more than two decades. 

Again, if stories of con artists are your thing, Sneaky Pete is one of the best. To me, he’s always been such a great anti-hero, as there are moments where you’re genuinely impressed with how well his con is doing, but there are also moments that will make you want to yank your hair out for his selfishness. He’s a complex character and the show itself is a great time. 

Stream Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can.

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Catch Me If You Can (Amazon Rental)

You want to talk about the ultimate con-man? Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, is all about Frank Abagnale Jr., a real person who was able to con millions of dollars through checks as several different identities, all while avoiding capture for years by the FBI. 

I could go on for hours about this movie and why it’s perfect for Inventing Anna fans. Frank Abagnale Jr. used checks and his people skills in order to get by for as long as he did. The Catch Me If You Can cast is so talented, and honestly, it’s one of Tom Hanks best movies - really, you need to watch it.

Rent Catch Me If You Can on Amazon.

Kerry Washington in Scandal.

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Scandal (Hulu)

Shonda Rhimes has done it again. Scandal, starring the lovely Kerry Washington, is a drama series about the life of a professional crisis manager, and her own practice that she started after working as a White House correspondent. But over time, she starts to realize that her clients have plenty of secrets of their own - all of which could create scandals. 

Scandal was an insanely popular show for the time that it was on TV, where it was nominated for several awards and received killer ratings each week. If you liked Inventing Anna, you just might enjoy Scandal, as not only is it literally all about scandals and the situations people of the elite go through, but it was created by the same person who made Inventing Anna, Shonda Rhimes. It’s certainly worth a shot. 

Stream Scandal on Hulu.

Inbar Levi in Imposters.

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Imposters (Netflix)

While this series is a bit shorter than the others, it’s such a great time. Imposters follows Maddie, a beautiful woman with a dark secret - she’ll marry plenty of guys all to steal their money, and disappear. But when her past comes back to haunt her, it looks like her conning days are going to be done soon enough. 

If you thought the lead of Inventing Anna was wrong for the way she operated, just wait until you see what Maddie does. Maddie in this show almost feels even more devious than Anna because she is not only stealing money, but manipulating the emotions of the people around her in order to gain their love and steal all their possessions as soon as they’re married. 

Stream Imposters on Netflix.

Two of the main stars of Hustle.

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Hustle (Amazon Prime)

We have another long series for you to watch next. Hustle follows a group of con artists, but instead of doing short-term cons that’ll pay them right now, this group participates in “long-cons,” cons that take a longer amount of time but usually produce a better outcome in profits. 

If you liked Inventing Anna for the con that she pulled off somehow for such a long time, you’ll really enjoy Hustle. Some of these cons are truly astounding, but what really makes this show so much fun are the actors and the characters that they play. My personal favorite thing about this is that sometimes, they break the fourth wall, which is something I didn’t know I needed until now. 

Stream Hustle on Amazon Prime.

Joey King in The Act.

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The Act (Hulu)

While this might not be considered a "con," the long-term effects of what Dee Dee Blanchard did have impacted many people, including her own daughter. The Act is all about the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, who had pretended that her daughter was sick for years in order to receive money from charities, but the end resulted in Dee Dee's death. 

The Act is amazing. For fans of Inventing Anna, this series is intense and filled with drama of a story that ends so tragically. While it’s not as glamorous as the Netflix series, The Act is expertly acted, brilliantly told, and creates a great balance between drama and true crime. Joey King stars as Gypsy, and I know that most people probably know her from The Kissing Booth cast, but damn, did she deliver a great performance in this show. She is such an amazing young talent. 

Stream The Act on Hulu.

The tents at Fyre Fest.

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Fyre Fest Documentaries (Netflix, Hulu)

I know you recognize that name. These two documentaries, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Fyre Fraud, both tell the story of the infamous Fyre Fest, a musical festival that was supposed to be legendary but didn't deliver on its promises, leaving attendees stranded without the luxuries they paid for. 

Inventing Anna briefly featured Ben Rappaport as Billy McFarland, who was the original planner of Fyre Fest, and later on the show referenced about how much of a disaster the festival was. If you’re looking for the real story behind the infamous music festival and how poorly it really did go, both of these documentaries are well-done and super informative - as well as entertaining. 

Stream FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix. 
Stream Fyre Fraud on Hulu.

Rosamund Pike in I Care A Lot

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I Care A Lot (Netflix)

Last but not least, we have I Care A Lot. This fantastic Netflix original film follows a con woman who acts as a court-appointed guardian, who ends up stealing the money of the elderly people that she “takes care” of, but soon, her con gets her mixed up with a dangerous group of people who will change her life for the worse. 

I Care A Lot was one of the best films of 2021, hands down. From its cast to its story to the whole entire ordeal, you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen. Rosamund Pike truly deserved so much praise for her lead role as Marla Grayson, alongside her amazing co-stars. I won’t say much more because I’d like you to go into this movie probably knowing as little as possible because the ending will truly blow your mind, but trust me when I say for fans of Inventing Anna, this is a con that will stun you just as much as Anna’s did. 

Stream I Care A Lot on Netflix.

While there’s probably not going to be any Inventing Anna Season 2, you can at least check out some other amazing movies and TV shows once you finish that last episode. No matter what, you’ll be entertained as heck.  

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