Kevin Smith Is Bringing In An Arrowverse Buddy To Take Over Sarah Michelle Gellar's Role In Masters Of The Universe Series

The wait continues for the live-action Masters of the Universe reboot that will now star Kyle Allen as He-Man, but in the meantime, those with a Netflix subscription aren’t lacking for material from the franchise. In addition to the kid-friendly He-Man and the Masters of the Universe being available to watch, there’s the more mature Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the Kevin Smith-run series that serves as a spiritual sequel to the original He-Man series from the ‘80s. This particular He-Man saga will continue soon with Masters of the Universe: Revolution, but an Arrowverse buddy of Smith’s has been brought in to take over Sarah Michelle Gellar’s role for this next chapter: Melissa Benoist.

Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in Masters of the Universe: Revelation as Teela, who’s been a key figure in the He-Man mythology since the beginning and shared leading character status on this show alongside He-Man himself. With the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star not returning for Revolution, Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist has been cast as the new Teela. Benoist and Kevin Smith previously worked together when the latter directed four episodes of Supergirl, and the former also cameoed in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Clerks III. The actress said the following about joining Revolution in an official statement released by Mattel, the company that created the Masters of the Universe franchise:

I jumped at the opportunity to work alongside my friend, Kevin Smith and join the Revolution family as another bold and fearless heroine. I look forward to sharing the next evolution of Teela’s story with fans.

In addition to Masters of the Universe: Revolution giving Melissa Benoist another opportunity to collaborate with Kevin Smith, it’s also another project she now shares with her husband Chris Wood, who previously played Mon-El in Supergirl and is voicing He-Man in this continuity. Benoist is the second new actor to be announced for Revolution, with Star Trek’s William Shatner being the first, although his character hasn’t been identified yet. Revolution will also bring back Mark Hamill as Skeletor.

The end of Masters of the Universe: Revelation saw Skeletor being assimilated into Motherboard’s horde after he chewed out Tri-Klops and his followers for abandoning him, not realizing the true power Motherboard wielded. Per the official synopsis from Mattel, Masters of the Universe: Revolution will spotlight the He-Man and Skeletor rivalry in a new way, as this time around, it’ll be a conflict of technology vs. magic that puts the fate of Eternia at stake. It was also shown in the final seconds of Revelation that Motherboard wielded a Horde insignia, referencing the group of supervillains led by Horde, Skeletor’s old master Whether Hordak will appear in Revolution or not remains to be seen, though that role feels like a good fit for William Shatner.

In addition to playing Teela in Masters of the Universe: Revolution, Melissa Benoist is also starring in and executive producing the upcoming show The Girls on the Bus, which HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch sometime later this year. Revolution doesn’t have a release date/window yet, but for now, you can easily stream Revolution or look through the new movies and TV shows on Netflix.

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