Kim Kardashian And Khloè Had A Fun Text Exchange About Her Nails, Turns Out It Was Sneaky Good Marketing

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian supporting SKKN.
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Kim Kardashian may have taken some flack from The View and others for her comments about “working hard” a few months back, but you can’t say the reality star isn’t out there hustling. After wearing a line of nails to the Baby2Baby Gala, her younger sister Khloé reached out to ask about them. While the exchange the two had was fun, I’m also marveling at how effective it is as a marketing tool. 

Kim Kardashian joined the likes of Florence Pugh in rocking Barbiecore for the aforementioned Gala this week. Her look was stunning and it was capped off with some incredibly long French-tipped nails. (French tips are back, baby!) I don't think there's any denying that Kim looked great before she gave a speech onstage at the big event, so you'd be forgiven if you didn't notice her delightful nails. 

Kim Kardashian at Baby 2 Baby carpet in Barbiecore.

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However, one person who did notice and commented was her sister, Khloè Kardashian. Kim has been known to share some of her sister’s texts in the past, and this time was no exception. See the fun exchange below.

Kim and Khloe's sweet text exchange about nails.

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Notice her giving credit where credit is due in the bottom corner. 

Kim decided to ditch the nails shortly after, prompting Khloè to then take to her Instagram Stories to jokingly channel Tyra Banks and comment with a quote America's Next Top Model fans might be familiar with, "I was rooting for you!!! We were all rooting for you!!! How dare you!!! Tyra." 

It's the type of exchange that has helped the sisters go viral in the past, but it also makes me wonder: Is this a situation where Kim and Khloé planned this fun text exchange in advance to help push the nails? Possibly. Could it also be a situation where Khloé legitimately didn’t know about the nails and was just offering compliments, after which her sister seized the moment and posted the exchange with the relevant links to the stylists online? Sure. But whatever really happened, the outcome is I now know about these badass nails come from LONG STILETTO TIPS DESIGNEX PRO. It's burned in my brain now. 

Girl is sneaky good at marketing, just saying. 

Sure, sometimes her marketing efforts for her own brands are more apparent, like when Kim models her own bikiniwear for SKIMS. That’s obviously still solid work, as Kim's made a career out of thirst traps, so why not push her own stuff? But it's these social nods she'll sometimes do for people and brands of all sizes -- some as large as Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop -- she cares about that really strike me as notable.  

Currently you can catch both Kim and her sister Khloè on the latest season of Hulu’s The Kardashians. The popular series is available with a Hulu subscription, and while I cannot confirm nor deny she’s marketing to us during the episodes, I’d just suggest keeping your eyes peeled for more moments that might just be more orchestrated than you even realized. 

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