Kourtney Kardashian Throws Back to Infamous 'Kim, There's People That Are Dying' Moment In New Post

Kim and Kourtney in confessionals on The Kardashians.
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The Kardashian sisters have been really famous for a really long time at this point. And while they’ve moved beyond their Keeping Up with the Kardashian roots to spearhead a new reality show and outside projects such as Kim’s infamous SKIMS line and Kourtney’s popular Poosh lifestyle brand, every now and again one of the sisters will remind us of their cable-oriented origins, as evidenced by a recent “there are people that are dying” post.

In fact, the new Mrs. Barker recently shared what seemed to be an innocuous post on her Instagram Story talking about making your own nut milk. Eagle-eyed fans who have been following the franchise for a long time caught the funnier portion of the image, which calls out her sister Kim Kardashian for one of the most viral moments on the family’s original show. Take a look. 

Kim there's people that are dying post.

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You see the “Kim, there are people that are dying napkin?” There is context for this. 

KUWTK’s Infamous “Kim, There’s People That Are Dying” Episode

You probably recall the moment, as it has lived on in infamy in the time since. Kim and her family were enjoying one of their many tropical vacations when she was thrown into the ocean by her then-fiancé Kris Humphries. She was giggling and having fun until she realized the splash knocked out her $75,000 dollar earring and then she was in freakout mode. Like literal, on-camera sob fest. 

Humphries optimistically believed they’d find the earring, though a hysterical Kim countered, ‘We’re not going to find it in the ocean!’ Kris Jenner was a little more kind as her daughter waxed on about how she “worked really hard” to afford the pricy earrings, but Kourtney was not. having. it. She calmly told her sister, “Kim, there’s people that are dying.” If you’ve never caught the KUWTK clip, it’s a classic, but really all you need is Kim’s face during this episode to get why it has lived on in infamy in the years since. 

KUWTK Kim episode.

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Kourtney Kardashian actually busted these napkins out once before at her 40th birthday party back in 2019. Another napkin that ran around at the time read “most interesting to look at.” Again, that one was for diehard fans, as one time Kim told Kourtney to her face that she was “least interesting to look at.” She may have been the one to talk about the "toxic environment" surrounding KUWTK, but in this case the eldest clan sister got her clapback, or “klapback” at her sister years later. We'll have to wait and see if these make an appearance on the ladies' new reality show, which premiered Season 2 on September 22

While these napkins are custom, you can purchase tees with the phrase on them. Or my favorite, a coffee mug.  

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