Mark Ruffalo Reacts The Adam Project’s Wild Success On Netflix

Mark Ruffalo says goodbye to Walker Scobell in The Adam Project.
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There’s nothing like seeing an actor show love and pride for the projects he’s in. That’s Mark Ruffalo for you, as he doesn’t hold back from celebrating the success of his new time-traveling movie The Adam Project. After all, the numbers don’t lie and fans everywhere have a right to see them if they plan on including The Adam Project on their watchlist. So Mark Ruffalo shared his reaction to the wild success of his new Netflix film, The Adam Project

Since The Adam Project was a movie that hit Netflix streaming service instead of in theaters, we can use the streaming views as an idea of its success. Ryan Reynolds revealed huge viewing numbers the month it came out of 92 million hours streamed so far. Mark Ruffalo also had his own numbers to reveal on Twitter of The Adam Project being the 4th most watched movie in Netflix history. He could not hold back in his tweet of the love he had for his newest project and his fans. Check it out below.

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In The Adam Project directed by Shawn Levy, Mark Ruffalo plays the father of Ryan Reynolds who created time travel and ventures with the 40 year-old and 12 year-old versions of his son to save the world. Ruffalo was able to give the role the sentimentality and complexity that helped make the movie what it was. We even got to see a sweet reunion scene between him and his former 13 Going on 30 co-star Jennifer Garner. People who see The Adam Project will be along for the ride with intense action sequences, time-traveling logic to wrap your head around, and tender father and son moments that bring heart to the film.

Critics and fans of The Adam Project have said nothing but good things about the time-travel adventure film. Some folks are saying that the film offers “pure blockbuster thrills” with “beautiful family drama” as well as “a fun throwback to ‘80s sci-fi adventures.” While Critics have said they also appreciated these throwbacks to their childhood time-travel movies, they felt the movie had too much of Ryan Reynolds’ bantering. But hey, that’s to be expected coming from Ryan Reynolds, right? 

The glowing reception of The Adam Project seems to keep matching up with the numbers. This milestone of The Adam Project becoming the fourth most-watched English language film of all time is an amazing feat. Subscribers spent over 233 million hours watching this Netflix hit. This proves that a movie does not need to be released in theaters in order to be watched and favored by the masses. With these roaring numbers, it’s no wonder that Mark Ruffalo is proud of the project he touched audiences' hearts with.

You can join in on the fun by watching The Adam Project on your Netflix subscription.

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