Netflix Fans Have Started A Save Warrior Nun Movement, And Even The Creative Team Are Getting Involved

Falling in love with a Netflix show can be risky in recent years due to the streamer's tendency to cancel even shows with extremely vocal fanbases, often after just one season. In fact, the platform cancelled a comic book series that had already wrapped filming earlier this year, leading to heartbreak for the star. Fans of Netflix's Warrior Nun got two seasons before the show was axed, but they're not ready to just accept that the journeys of Ava and the rest of the characters are over. Viewers are fighting to save Warrior Nun, and now creator Simon Barry as well as others from the show have joined in.

Warrior Nun ran for two seasons, with the first debuting as a highly-anticipated original back in 2020 and the second debuting in November as part of the 2022 TV premiere schedule. Just a little over a month after the November 10 release of Season 2, Netflix cancelled the fantasy drama. Creator Simon Barry confirmed the news on Instagram on December 13 and expressed his "sincere appreciation to all the fans who worked so hard to bring awareness to this series." Now, Barry is going even further and throwing his support behind the #SaveWarriorNun movement on Twitter:

Barry didn't just stop at thanking the fans and using the #SaveWarriorNun tag, as he also retweeted the news that the hashtag surpassed two million tweets (via Tweet Binder) on December 20. He linked to the petition to renew Warrior Nun for Season 3, which has accumulated more than 86,000 signatures of the desired 150,000 at the time of writing. Simon Barry also isn't the only member of the creative team to take to Twitter with support for the movement. Show writer Amy Berg posted:

William Miller, who played Adriel on Warrior Nun in Season 2 after recurring in Season 1, has been active in supporting the fans' efforts to save the show, including a short-but-sweet tweet that also includes a pretty great gif:

Spaceballs (which sadly has never gotten a sequel) may not have a ton in common with Warrior Nun, but I would say that the message of "DO SOMETHING" pretty much sums up what fans are trying to accomplish by calling for Netflix to renew for Season 3!

And they're still calling, more than a week after the initial cancellation news broke! In fact, one fan has pitched the idea of a Warrior Nun renewal as a great Christmas gift:

A consensus among fans on social media seems to be that the end after just two seasons means that the relationship between Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) and Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) won't ever be expanded. Their romance was popular and still in the early stages, which led one fan on Twitter to post: 

their story ended before it could even begin thats why we need to #SaveWarriorNun

The message that the story ended before it could really begin (not to mention with some unanswered questions after how the Season 2 finale concluded) seems to be driving a lot of the #SaveWarrior movement. In fact, one fan was driven to real action to quite literally make the message huge: 

There's no denying that fans are dedicated to trying to get Warrior Nun renewed! While there's definitely no guarantee that having the creator chime in with his support will do anything to move Netflix into reversing the cancellation, it's a nice show of solidarity. And, as one fan said, they just have to keep trying:

So, is there hope that the #SaveWarriorNun movement could work? Well, for as much as Netflix has been cancelling its own originals left and right, the streamer has rescued some other shows from cancellation and resurrected them to become huge streaming hits. Lucifer ran for another three seasons before the bittersweet finale thanks to Netflix after being axed by Fox, and Manifest is halfway through the final season that will allow it to tie off its loose ends following its cancellation by NBC.

Warrior Nun isn't just a broadcast show that could be moved over to streaming, however, and Netflix made the decision to cancel rather than another platform. Still, fans who remain Netflix subscribers can keep pushing for more of Ava, with the support of creator Simon Barry and others! Plus, the eighteen existing episodes aren't going anywhere, so fans can keep watching and rewatching on Netflix. 

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