Netflix's The Ultimatum: Our Predictions For The Finale And Reunion

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Warning! Some SPOILERS ahead for The Ultimatum Season 1 on Netflix leading up to the finale and reunion. Step away until you catch up!

If you enjoy a dramatic, nearly unbelievably messy dating show, you probably know by now that at least one streamer has you covered. With a number of popular Netflix dating shows available, it’s turning into the place to be for fans of wild tales of real love and romance. Now, friends, in another addition to the 2022 TV schedule, Netflix has unleashed The Ultimatum Season 1 as an exciting Netflix show for April, and given all of us a brand new reality dating show to obsess over.

With the first season preparing to wrap up with the finale and reunion on Wednesday, April 13, though, we have a few predictions for how The Ultimatum will end for the six couples who took a big chance, offered their partner an ultimatum, went on to date other people, and then enter into a trial marriage with a near stranger for three weeks. On with the insanity! Here are our predictions...

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Rae Will Have Caused Big Trouble For April And Jake

Episode 8 saw Rae and her boyfriend, Zay, get into a big fight which led to him leaving and staying out until well into the next morning, without calling or texting her. Then, he got very physical with Rae when she tried to leave after he finally came home, which led to another massive fight and Rae breaking up with him.

The last we saw, it appeared that Rae was walking in to interrupt the final Ultimatum meeting between April and Jake, with the latter and Rae having been in the trial marriage together, having instant chemistry, and what looked like a good time all the way through. I predict that whether or not Rae and Jake spoke as he was about to talk to April, they likely did talk at some point after the show, and that conversation probably caused big trouble for April and Jake, who had already discovered that they had even more issues than they originally thought.

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Shanique Will Regret How She Treated Randall

It was pretty clear from the first couple of episodes that Shanique was not going to do well with Randall being with someone else, despite the fact that going on The Ultimatum was all her idea. And, this really turned out to be true. Randall seemed relatively reasonable throughout the experiment, but Shanique’s jealousy led her to treat him really poorly, especially when they met up during his trial marriage to Madlyn.

Randall had been taking his trial period with Madlyn seriously, and tried to get to know his new partner, even while withholding sexual intimacy (which Madlyn very much wanted). But, when he told Shanique that he was just trying to do what she’d asked of him in the first place, she got angry and told him she wanted him “to sit in a corner and miss her.” My prediction? Shanique is going to be able to look over what we’ve seen on the show and realize she regrets how she treated Randall.

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Everyone Who Broke Up Will Have Hooked Up After The Show

Look, everyone who participated in The Ultimatum is pretty young and I’m going to guess, relatively, um… ready to get it on. As we saw on the show, a lot of the new trial marriage couples that formed, even if they hadn’t chosen each other, really ended up enjoying each other’s company, especially when it came to at least wanting sexytimes with their new partner.

When the original couples got back together, basically all of them saw that they had way more issues than they recognized at first, and some saw that they preferred their trial girlfriend / boyfriend in many respects, leading to some breakups. So, my prediction is that once the show ended, anyone who was a member of a couple that broke up definitely hooked up with whomever else from the show that they could, particularly if they reconnected with their trial wife / husband.

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Colby Still Won’t Admit What He Did Wrong With Madlyn

Wow. This whole relationship really turned me upside down, OK? For several episodes, Colby (who issued the ultimatum to Madlyn) seemed like a reasonable fellow. And, he and April really got along during their trial period, even with them being forced together for that. Unfortunately, things changed big time once he and Madlyn (who really, really, liked her time with Randall) got back together for their own trial marriage.

Not only did Madlyn (and the viewers) find out that Colby had been carrying on a number of emotional affairs with women who were not April, but he’d also cheated on Madlyn. Colby then went way further, attempting to gaslight Madlyn by telling her that he cheated “for her” so that she’d know how real their relationship was, which he also claimed she asked him to do. Madlyn took the bait for a bit, but eventually saw that Colby was full of shit and dumped him. I totally predict that Colby, by the time everyone reconvenes for the reunion, will still be unable to admit what he did wrong.

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Alexis Will Have Continued To Make Trouble After The Show

Oh, boy. Just when we were all convinced that we were done with Alexis, she came roaring back for her bachelorette party before marrying Hunter, who abandoned the idea of a trial partner early on and proposed to her in front of everyone. 

That party brought all of the ladies (with the exception of 30-year-old Lauren, who claimed the show lied about her age) together while they were newly back with the boyfriends they came there with, and as they were chatting about differences between their new guys and the ones they arrived with, Alexis began stirring up trouble. She tried to force Rae to tell the assembled women (including April) that she could see herself marrying Jake, which Rae clearly didn’t want to do out of respect for April. The scene ended with April storming off and Rae crying, but I predict that Alexis found as many opportunities as possible to cause more trouble after the show.

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Honorable Mention: Zay Will Be Working Through His Childhood Issues

Alright, this one is more of a hope than a prediction, but I’m really hoping we see that it has come to pass. Zay displayed some beyond questionable behavior on The Ultimatum, including daring to ask Rae (his original partner, who gave him the ultimatum) if being heard by him was “a non-negotiable” for her, and getting disturbingly physical with her when she attempted to leave their apartment. He also got mad at Shanique (his trial wife) when she tried to stick up for Rae, and thought that her calling his childhood troubles “trauma” was somehow “belittling.” 

Zay clearly knows that whatever happened to him when he was a kid has led to less than admirable qualities, so my sincere hope is that watching the show (or just reflecting on what went down) led to him taking control and beginning to actually work through his childhood issues.

Well, considering how wild the ride of The Ultimatum Season 1 has been so far, literally anything could happen in the finale or when all of the cast members sit down for the reunion. And, I know you can’t wait to see how everything ends, just like me. 

The Ultimatum finale and reunion both go live on Netflix on Wednesday, April 13. We have yet to see if this show will get a big renewal like Love Is Blind, but I can nearly guarantee that it’ll soon be added to many fan lists of the most bingeable reality shows on Netflix

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