Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Hypes The Final Season Addressing ‘Everything’ Before The End

Noah Schnapp on Stranger Things
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The kids of Hawkins, Indiana, still have one more mission left in them as fans are preparing themselves for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things. The Netflix hit, which included some pretty great music moments in the previous season, brought some surprises and heartache for Season 4. Now, one of the show's stars Noah Schnapp is opening up about how he wants it all to come together for the final season.

In a new interview with Forbes, Noah Schnapp previewed what to expect for Stranger Things 5. It’s no secret that Will has had quite a tumultuous storyline in the past four seasons of the sci-fi series, but Schnapp promises that the ending will be very satisfying:

I can just tell you that I’m very, very excited for what’s to come. I think they did a great job with Will’s character this season and beautifully addressed everything they needed to. The way they closed the show is just perfect — the story started with Will, and it’ll end with Will.

While one Stranger Things fan theory suggests that Will is actually the villain, it could be possible that he will finally be happy at some point. Though knowing that the series will end with him, as it should, that does sound a little worrying since Stranger Things is unpredictable. No matter how Will's story ends, at least it seems like there will be some great closure, and Schnapp is happy with his character's future.

It’s likely one of the things that will be addressed is Will’s sexuality since that has been a big topic of discussion, especially after Season 4. There was a heartbreaking scene in which he had to hide his feelings from Mike, and he later had a heartfelt scene with his brother Jonathan, who, although not exactly saying much, made sure to let his little brother know he was there for him. It should be interesting to see how they address Will's sexuality in Season 5.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, something else that may still be up in the air is Will’s infamous bowl cut. He tried out a new look ahead of the final episodes of Stranger Things 4, rocking a curly ‘80s wig. While it may not have been Will’s new look, perhaps he’ll end the series with bowl-less hair. Noah Schnapp would definitely be grateful for it.

As for what else could happen in the final season of Stranger Things, fans are still in mourning following the Season 4 finale, and it’s likely more tragedy is on the way. Maya Hawke admitted that if given the chance, she would want Robin to die so she could die a hero. Millie Bobby Brown, on the other hand, would want the series to go out swinging with a musical episode.

It's unknown if Stranger Things 5 will be part of the 2023 Netflix TV schedule since no estimated premiere date has been announced, but this will just leave fans more time to theorize what could possibly happen in the final episodes. Fingers crossed that most, if not all, characters get a happy ending because they definitely deserve it and more. 

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