Ted Lasso: Roy And Keeley's Best Moments Together (So Far)

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.
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Apple TV+ has been coming out with a lot great shows, like See or the Jennifer Aniston-led, The Morning Show, but my personal favorite for some time has been Ted Lasso. And a big reason is thanks to Roy and Keeley, played by Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple, and their adorably healthy relationship. 

Through two seasons, these two have endured some hard times and good times, and honestly, I’m just here to give them the praise that Roy and Keeley deserve. From the beginning of Season 1 to the finale of Season 2, here are their best moments. 

Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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When Roy Makes Keeley Realize Why She Should Break Up With Jamie (Season 1, Episode 4) 

In the fourth episode of Season 1 at a Gala, Keeley bids on Roy to make Jaime jealous, and Roy rightfully calls her out for it. She apologizes, feeling bad instantly, but after this she realizes that Jaime has never apologized for anything, and doesn’t care about how she feels and that he didn’t even really care that she had bid on Roy, while Roy showed visible anger. 

It was the beginning of them actually showing their own personalities, and how the two of them actually work well together. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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When Roy Kisses Keeley For The First Time (Season 1, Episode 7) 

The entirety of Episode 7 in Season 1 of Ted Lasso was really well done, with the entire Ted Lasso cast performing their roles well, but my favorite part was at the end when Roy kissed Keeley, before awkwardly heading off, not acknowledging what had just happened. 

I don’t know why I love this moment - it’s the perfect example that they clearly have feelings for each other but Roy doesn’t know what to do with it and they start off their relationship with some communication errors. But thankfully, they got through that not long after. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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When Keeley Comforts Roy After Their Loss (Season 1, Episode 10)

This is definitely one of my most heartwarming moments of Season 1 of Ted Lasso, and one of the best of these two together overall. When Richmond ends up losing the last game of the season, Roy storms off to the locker room to lament about the loss, as well as the injury to his leg that will always stop him from playing the game again. 

Keeley, sensing that something was wrong, comes in and finds him in there, before coming to his side and wrapping an arm around his shoulders, hugging him and trying to comfort him despite the situation. It’s a sweet moment between them, and one I’ll always remember as a definer of their relationship. 

Roy in Ted Lasso.

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When Keeley Convinces Roy To Join Sky Sports (Season 2, Episode 2)

Roy, now retired, coaches his niece’s soccer team, but Keeley can sense that he doesn’t find fulfilment in that. After edging him on several times, she finally convinces him to go and join the open slot on Sky Sports where he can commentate on the games. 

He doesn’t expect to enjoy it, but he does, showing that she really does know him and knows that he would do well in this type of job. She’s going out of her way to make sure Roy is happy through her connections. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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And Roy “Pays Her Back” For Convincing Him (Season 2, Episode 2)

I mean, if you know you know. Roy wanted to thank Keeley for convincing him to do it because he can be, in his own words, a “stubborn shit.” 

So he makes her happy and thankful for her pushing him to be his best - by getting down on his own knees. Talk about spicy.

Roy and Keeley during the Christmas episode.

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When They Celebrate Christmas Together With Roy’s Niece (Season 2, Episode 4)

I could go on for hours about how much I loved Ted Lasso’s Christmas episode, but Roy and Keeley were one of my favorite parts  of it. When Roy’s niece is left alone during Christmas, their “sexy Christmas” they had planned comes to a halt to celebrate with the little girl. 

This celebration then leads them on an adventure to get his niece’s teeth fixed so the kids at school can stop harassing her, while also trying to spread Christmas cheer. It’s such a simple episode but the two are wonderful together and make sure his niece is well taken care of. Could we maybe see a possible Roy and Keeley kid in the future? Might be getting ahead of myself now. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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When Roy Gives Keeley Her Space And Draws Her A Bath (Season 2, Episode 7)

Since the two spend so much time together, both at home and at work, it was only a matter of time before someone boiled over and admitted that they needed their space. Roy, while he was angry at first, later understands why Keeley feels that way. 

So, he fills up a warm bath, spreads rose petals, lights candles, and gives her her own personal “me time” away from him so that she could be relaxed. Keeley is obviously so happy about this, but let’s be honest - any of us would be. We all need a man like Roy - drawing a bath for you because he knows you’re overworked and need some rest and relaxation? Forget six packs - that kind of stuff is sexy. Good for Keeley for scoring a man like that.

Roy and Keeley and Rebecca's Dad's funeral in Ted Lasso.

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When Roy Apologizes To Keeley For Being Insensitive At Rebecca’s Dad’s Funeral (Season 2, Episode 10) 

Rebecca’s father suddenly passed in Episode 10 of Ted Lasso Season 2, and Roy and Keeley attend the funeral since Keeley is Rebecca’s (played by the wonderful Hannah Waddingham), bestie. Roy makes many insensitive jokes and comments during the service, causing Keeley to grow frustrated with him. 

Later on, Roy comes up to her and tells her the truth, saying that death has always made him uncomfortable and jokes were always just how he dealt with it, but he would try better for her. He really starts to step out of his comfort zone to be so honest with her, showing how strong their relationship really is. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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When Roy Tells Keeley That She Looks Badass In Her Magazine Article And Doesn't Need Him (Season 2, Episode 12)

Keeley, because she’s a boss, begins her own PR firm near the end of Ted Lasso Season 2, and a magazine wanted to do a cover story of her, telling her story from model to businesswoman. She and Roy take pictures together - while some truths come out during the photoshoot. 

Afterwards, when the article is published, Keeley sees that none of the pictures she took with Roy were in the article, and apologizes to him for them not using it. But Roy instead wraps his arms around her and says that she doesn’t need him - she looked so sexy as an independent businesswoman and didn’t need his face besides her. We love a man that is confident in his woman being a boss. 

Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso.

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And When Keeley Encourages Roy To Go On Vacation By Himself (Season 2, Episode 12)

At this point near the end of Season 2 of Ted Lasso, Keeley already feels a bit overworked at her new job and Roy wants to take her on a vacation. Prior to this, they’d already had a conversation about certain aspects of their relationship that left them shaken, but it seemed they had worked through it. 

When Keeley admits to Roy she doesn’t want to go because she already feels overworked, he thinks she’s breaking up with him. She instead says she wants him to have a vacation, even if she’s not there, because he works so hard. While he doesn’t seem very adamant to do it, he doesn’t fight her much on it either, because he wants her to be happy. 

What this means for their relationship afterwards is a bit unknown, but it still means something that Keeley doesn’t tell him to just cancel the trip. Instead, she tells him to enjoy it for himself, even if she is over there in Richmond.

I’m already anxiously waiting for Season 3 of Ted Lasso to come, but I know that wait will be long. I’m praying that Roy and Keeley still stay together and are the power couple I know they are, but who knows? Only time will tell.  

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