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The Adam Project's Shawn Levy Paid A Heartfelt Tribute To Ryan Reynolds On His Last Day Of Shooting, And Now I’m Emotional

Ryan Reynolds in Netflix's the Adam Project
(Image credit: Netflix)

Many actor-director collaborations have birthed undeniable success in Hollywood. The Adam Project’s Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds are slowly becoming the film industry’s latest winning combo, with the Netflix sci-fi action film being their latest release after last year’s hit comedy Free Guy. While the winning duo is on a hot streak, their bond appeared to take an emotional turn as Levy paid a heartfelt tribute to Reynolds that took place on his last day of filming The Adam Project.

The director shared how he felt about his leading man in an Instagram post. Having delivered critical hits in a row, Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have built a great actor-director relationship in recent years. That bond was on full display as Levy poured out his heart to the cast and crew about his connection with Reynolds. Check out the emotional tribute below.

Shawn Levy seemed to be in awe of Ryan Reynolds’ talent while working on their second outing together. Displaying the actor’s heart and acting chops in the film seemed to be Levy’s mission. He wanted the world to see a different side to Reynolds outside of comedies like Free Guy and Deadpool. Even Reynolds couldn’t hold back his emotions as the director spoke on how much he “adored” working with the star.  

I found the tribute to be touching, as it’s not very often you get to see one man showing his real emotions while giving another one their props. I felt Levy’s genuine connection to the Red Notice actor in the video. I got a little misty-eyed watching Reynolds get emotional while the director fought back tears, amplifying their connection in the heartfelt display. I wish more men (myself included) could make wearing your heart on your sleeve more of a normal thing in the future.

The moment proved just how amazing The Adam Project is. Reynolds has been going hard promoting the film, even enlisting Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd for a time-traveling PSA. While viewers can watch The Adam Project now, Levy and the Deadpool 2 star are teaming up once again, as Levy has been tapped to direct Deadpool 3, which elicited an expected hilarious reaction from Reynolds. Of course, it will be some time before the sequel arrives as the actor is on an acting sabbatical right now.

You can watch The Adam Project on Netflix now, and be sure to read our review for it. The sci-fi film is one of the best movies on Netflix, along with another Ryan Reynolds offering – the smash hit Red Notice. To get a full run-down of Netflix movies coming up this year, you can check out our 2022 Netflix movie schedule. You can see what other films are coming down the pipeline by peeking at the 2022 movie schedule.

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