10 Virgin River Gifts For Fans Who Can Barely Wait For Season 5

mel and jack happy on virgin river season 4
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It has now been several months since those with a Netflix subscription have been able to tune in for new dramatic twists and romantic turns in the small town lives of the characters who populate Virgin River. The Season 4 ending set things up nicely for the fifth set of episodes, but that will be unlikely to come around before sometime in the summer of 2023. So, if you still need to get a gift for a true fan of this romantic drama (or just want to treat yourself after binging shows like Virgin River), here are the best Virgin River gifts you can give as we all eagerly await Season 5!

virgin river apron

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This Apron For People Who Watch Virgin River To Feel All Their Feelings

This show would be nothing without two things: the sweeping romance between Mel and Jack, and every episode’s ability to deliver everything from an incredibly frustrating Charmaine and some wild violence, to deeply emotional plot twists. If someone you love balks at therapy but still understands the need to feel all of their feelings, then this apron could be the perfect item.

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virgin river t-shirt

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A T-Shirt So Fans Can Always Remember The Best Parts Of The Series

There are lots of cool things about the town of Virgin River that fans love. From nosy (but helpful) Connie and her general store, to Preacher’s willingness to put his own life on hold for friends, and the community feeling we’d all probably get if we ate at Jack’s bar, this t-shirt will help you remember the best of everything.

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virgin river mug

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This Fun Mug That Lets You Drink Coffee As Though Jack Or Preacher Served You

Speaking of Jack’s bar, that place would be nothing without Preach serving up the best food the town has to offer, and Jack making sure everyone feels at home when they come in (as long as they aren’t getting shot in the place). So, you can pick up this mug to remind you of the town gathering place and those gorgeous local sunsets.

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virgin river stickers

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These Stickers So You Can Make It Clear How Much You Love The Show

Know someone who’s still talking about the Virgin River questions they want answered in Season 5 and has already rewatched all four seasons in anticipation? That’s a fan who would be incredibly likely to enjoy making sure that everyone they meet knows what their favorite show is, and this set of stickers will definitely aid them in that goal.

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the unofficial virgin river cookbook

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The Perfect Comfort Food Cookbook To Help Fans Eat Like A Virgin River Resident

Life is no fun if all you do is take your wine out back to sit in the adirondack chair and watch the river roll by, right? You need some good home cooking sometimes to help you soak up all the booze and town gossip properly, and this cookbook filled with comfort food recipes is sure to help fans fill their bellies.

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virgin river christmas ornament

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An Ornament For Everyone Who Wants Their Own Jack Sheridan For Christmas

Sure, Jack can be stubborn and a bit uncommunicative at times, but if we know one thing about the man it’s that he’ll do anything for someone he loves and look pretty damn good doing it. Anyone who would love to find their own personal Jack Sheridan under the tree this year will certainly appreciate this Christmas ornament.

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virgin river book collection

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The First 18 Virgin River Books To Help Fans Predict What Might Happen In Season 5

Fans love to try and predict what might happen next on shows like this. If you know someone who’s dying for Charmaine to finally have those twins already, wants to see Mel and Jack get hitched, and see just how deeply into organized crime our fave bar owner will accidentally get himself in the fifth season, reading the first 18 of the books the drama is based on might serve as quite the assist.

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virgin river christmas books

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Or, These Virgin River Christmas Books So Fans Can Feel The Holidays At Any Time

Who isn’t looking to feel wonderful holiday magic feelings all the time as they go through the often tricky business of daily life? If watching Virgin River gives you or the fan you love similar warm fuzzies to those feelings you get during the holiday season, then count yourself in on this collection of Christmas tales set in the titular tiny town.

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virgin river doormat

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Maybe This Doormat, So Everyone Knows To Not Even Bother Knocking

Look, Netflix releases all of their new Virgin River episodes at once, so I cannot be the only fan who hunkers down for a day (and night) of watching the whole season as soon as I get the chance. There is no answering the phone, responding to emails, or paying attention to anyone who might knock on the door during said binge, so just let any potential visitors know right away upon arriving at your doorstep that today is not the day.

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virgin river tote bag

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A Paige’s Bakeaway Tote For Fans To Pick Up All Their Sweet Treats

And, last but not least, who doesn’t like to indulge in a well made baked good from time to time? One of the best things ever is walking into a bakery and being hit with the delectable scents of freshly made cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, brownies, and more, and if you gift this tote bag which features the name of the town's best-known producer of such items, your effort will surely be adored.

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This is just a (very good) sampling of the many, many gifts you can present to fans or treat yourself to this holiday season as we all wait for our favorite, small town romance to return to the small screen. Until we know more about Virgin River Season 5, you can revisit all of it on Netflix.

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