Your Place Or Mine: 14 Thoughts I Had Watching Reese Witherspoon's New Rom-Com

reese witherspoon and ashton kutcher in your place or mine
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Well, if you’ve been looking forward to seeing Reese Witherspoon star in yet another film that could one day land on the list of best romantic comedies, the past weekend was for you. The Oscar-winning actress joined with recent That ‘90s Show guest star, Ashton Kutcher, to bring everyone with a Netflix subscription the new rom-com Your Place Or Mine, and I was right there watching with millions of others over the weekend, as viewers have helped the movie dominate Netflix’s Top 10 movies list for several days now. 

Critics might be torn over whether or not the movie really works, but what’s more important to me is that the film brought up a lot of thoughts about the characters, the story and life in general as I watched. So, let’s get into them and see if you agree with me on some of the finer points of this rom-com!

the opening of your place or mine

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This Movie Does NOT Start In 2003

Man, oh man! Right outta the gate I had questions, and it’s all because this movie opens by playing a beloved Gwen Stefani (featuring Akon) song, “The Sweet Escape.” I was grooving along and thinking this was a great start, until some titles pop up on screen to let us know that the year we’re beginning in… is 2003. I knew, immediately, that that was wrong, and a quick Google revealed that I was correct, because the hit didn’t come out until December of 2006. 

Yes, the lyrics of the tune sorta match the “we’ve been in love with each other for decades but didn’t tell the other” theme of the movie, but still. Did it have to be a full 20 years since Peter and Debbie first hooked up? 

reese witherspoon and ashton kutcher in your place or mine

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The Idea That Neither Of These People Suspected The Other Might Be In Love With Them Is Already Crazy

You’re probably wondering why I feel this way, right? If you take the word of rom-coms, anyway, this kind of loony love misunderstanding (“He just wants to be friends!” “She’d never want me! I’m a mess!”) happens positively all the time. But, when you appear to spend your first waking hours every day on a phone call with your best bud of the opposite gender (even when you’re literally in bed with your girlfriend), how does it not occur to you that your “best friend” might also be in love with you, too?

vella lovell and ashton kutcher in your place or mine

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Does Peter Do Everything In Six Month Intervals?

What’s the deal with this guy? He seems to get broken up with at the six month-mark every time. His consulting jobs appear to only last for six months. And his novel is published (I’ll get into that more later) six months after Debbie gives it to Theo. If this were a horror movie this six month thing would definitely play some creepy part in the proceedings.

debbie and alicia in your place or mine

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“Bangs Are For An Emergency”? Is That How People See Bangs?

I’ve never had real bangs. You know, the kind you cut as opposed to just swooping a full lock of hair over, early-’90s style? So, I am no hair bang connoisseur, and when Debbie’s friend, Alicia, told her that “bangs are for an emergency” I had to wonder if that’s how people see the popular facial fringe. Also, what types of emergencies are we talking about here? Is it just for “I broke up with my boy/girlfriend” emergencies, or could bangs additionally help one with something like a “my dog is in the hospital” emergency? I kinda need to know now.

debbie shocked in your place or mine

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Is Debbie Really So Innocent That She Has No Clue What “Get Waxed” Means?

Come on, girl. Just stop. I know you’re a (potentially) over-protective mom now and have been for over a decade. But, you have to be aware enough about life in general to know that Alicia is talking about your hoo-ha and not your dumb eyebrows, which are fine! (Not that her lady parts aren't fine, but you get what I'm saying.)

tig notaro in your place or mine

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Just In General, I Really Dislike The Idea That Women Need To “Spruce It Up” For Any Man

One last bit about Alicia’s advice to Debbie when they’re talking about her trip to New York to finish her degree. Why does Debbie, who looks great, have to “spruce it up” just so she can meet a “hottie” on her trip? How have we not gotten past this incredibly outdated idea that women need to look a very specific way to meet a man (ANY MAN!!), while men can walk around looking like the adult version of Dickensian street urchins and be desirable as all fuck? DO BETTER MOVIE.

debbie and peter in your place or mine

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Peter Sounds Like A Shitty Friend

But at least he’s self-aware? When Debbie tells him she can’t come to visit because her sitter fell through, he quickly volunteers and absolutely should have, considering all the things he lists that she’s done for him while he’s missed basically every important event in her life. Her being in love with him has to be the only reason she’s stuck by him, right?

peter's apartment in your place or mine

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But His Apartment Is Amazing

If you’re going to have a shitty friend, at least have a rich one who lets you stay in their apartment that must have cost many millions of dollars with an awesome view of the city.

minka turns off peter's sound system in your place or mine

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I Knew Zoë Chao Would Be Awesome As A Fabulous Friend Almost Immediately

When I say “fabulous,” I don’t mean that Your Place Or Mine cast member Chao’s character, Minka, is a fabulous friend (though she does turn out to be pretty good at that), but that she’s a fabulously well-connected/rich/fun person who’s now befriended Debbie. And I knew Chao was going to rock it when she helped Debbie turn off Peter’s fancy sound system and instead of simply pointing his tablet at the receiver, pulled the fancy, funny move above. Well done!

minka and debbie in your place or mine

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But Also, Why Was She So Quick To Befriend Debbie?

My first thought is that she wanted to get to know her potential competition for Peter’s heart, but even when she found out that Debbie and Peter have secretly been in love for 20 years, she keeps helping Debbie out. Maybe it did start the way I assumed, and she just liked Debbie so much she couldn’t help but keep rooting for her. If that’s the case, I don’t mind it.

steve zahn in your place or mine

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Why Is Steve Zahn In This Movie?

I love Steve Zahn, and he’s great as the goofy, singing neighbor who’s also been in love with Debbie for years. But, the movie really could have used him better. I would have loved to see him try to undermine Peter or do something other than show his butt crack and sing songs.

peter with jack and his non-friends at a hockey game in your place or mine

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Peter Has Weird Habits And Bad Ideas

HE THREW AWAY A WHOLE, GIANT PAN OF PERFECTLY GOOD FOOD. Also, he sat on the bed to sleep that first night at Debbie’s place and carefully folded up his T-shirt…and then tossed it on the floor! Peter also thought it was cool to have Jack attempt to bribe his way into getting kids to like him, and let him try out for the hockey team without even vaguely running it by Debbie, along with other oddities and terrible plans. I think he needs therapy.

jesse williams in your place or mine

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Debbie Would Clearly Be Better Off With Theo, But It Is What It Is

He’s probably not as rich as Peter, but he seems like a real decent adult who knows how to have mature conversations with people, and is also genuinely helpful. Clearly he’s the better romantic option, but I’m fine with these two dummies just finally getting together after two decades of “friendship.”

debbie looking at peter's manuscript in your place or mine

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No Way In Hell Peter’s Book Got Published In Six Months

Much like I’m no expert on bangs, I’m also no expert on publishing, but guess what? There is no way in hell that Peter’s book, which Theo said “had promise,” could have been rewritten, edited, had cover art made and approved, and all the other things that need to be done for a full ass book to be published and then actually been published within a mere six months. NO. WAY.

You know, I did basically enjoy my time with Your Place Or Mine, as I found it to be a pleasant enough diversion from the trials of daily life, and my guess is that lots of other people feel the same.

Stream Your Place Or Mine on Netflix.

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