Eternals’ Richard Madden On Reuniting With Game Of Thrones Co-Star Kit Harington For The Marvel Film

There’s a lot riding on Marvel’s Eternals being a tremendous success. One of the main factors working in the ensemble film’s favor is the obvious Game of Thrones connection. Casting both Robb Stark (Richard Madden) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in the same film could help bring box office success. It's been quite some time since the two actors shared the screen and, of course, fans seem excited about the reunion. The same is apparently true for the actors, as Madden revealed what it was like teaming with Harrington for the superhero film.

The reunion between the two stars will be a nice treat after Robb Stark was killed during the seminal “Red Wedding." Since then, the friendship between the two has remained strong, despite the fact that both stars have done other work over the past few years. On seeing his old co-star again, Richard Madden said:

Just great. I mean, I've been friends with Kit for many, many years, and sadly we don't get to do a lot in the film together. But I get to have one moment with him where we say hello, and it's nice to be on set with someone you know and trust and have known for a long time. On set, it was kind of like hanging out with your friends, and then it's like, ‘Oh, right, we've got to do acting now? Okay.’

That sense of familiarity seemed to comfort the actor while filming the Marvel epic. Unfortunately, it appears he and Kit Harrington won’t have much screen time together. Harrington plays the supporting role of Dane Whitman, while his colleague plays the powerful Eternal Ikaris, so it makes sense that they wouldn't really interact much. But the two friends might cross paths in the future if the Ikaris-Sersi-Dane Whitman love triangle rumors are true. All in all, it's great to know both actors still carry on like friends and hop right into a scene without any problem. Yet Harington wasn’t the only friend the Rocketman alum shared the screen with.

Richard Madden also knew co-star Gemma Chan long before they became millennia-spanning lovers. Madden admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he and Chan knew each other for a decade due to their friend circle and common occupation. Despite the two stars being actors, Madden recalled he and Chan never speaking about work during their downtime. With two friends in his corner, Madden surely had a great experience on the set.

Such a sense of comfort is especially invaluable when filming a movie as big as this. This is certainly a nice calm for the actor, who currently may or may not be keeping up with his fluctuating odds of becoming the next James Bond. But ahead of that we'll see how the interactions between the GoT stars and the rest of the Eternals cast hits when it arrives in theaters on on November 5.

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