Daredevil: 8 Questions We Have About Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock Return On Disney+

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After years of wishing from fans, and words of encouragement from actors, one of Marvel’s greatest television shows is reportedly coming back. Daredevil will apparently return as a Disney+ series, and now that the seemingly impossible has happened, there are a lot of questions that need to be addressed. 

Daredevil fans spent years pondering the inclusion of the hero in the MCU, but now that he’s there and we know a bit about him, it feels like there are more things to ask about than ever. With that in mind, let’s dive right in and talk out the huge questions we have about the exciting return of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. 

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How Will Daredevil Factor Into The Avengers And The MCU? 

Daredevil's entry into the MCU comes at a very big time for the Avengers. Well, I say that because we haven’t really seen the superhero team “assemble” since Endgame. Sure, there are a lot of heroes still kicking around to defend the world if some major threat approaches, but how many of them are guaranteed admission into the greatest superhero team in the Marvel universe? I’d like to think Daredevil is an easy recruit, but in all honesty, his powers make him more of the guy who takes down a mob boss than someone capable of taking on some cosmic or otherworldly entity. I’m not saying he won’t be an Avenger, and he even has been on the team in the comics, but right now, it’s hard to put him on the same level as other current members. 

Wai Ching Ho in Daredevil, who is playing Grandma in Turning Red.

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How Much Of The Original Daredevil Series Will Factor Into The Continuation?

The multiverse complicated a lot about the Marvel franchise. In the case of Daredevil, though, it is sort of a blessing in disguise because infinite universes allow for the show to feasibly pick and choose what elements will and won’t be a part of the MCU series. Of course, this raises questions on how much will carry over, and may cause some confusion starting out. For example, Daredevil threatened Wilson Fisk that if he didn’t cooperate and stay out of crime, he’d implicate his wife Vanessa and have her charged. So because of what we saw of Fisk in Hawkeye, either the series can say that didn’t happen in this universe, or bring us all up to speed on what changed. Right now, we have no idea what will happen, but perhaps we’ll learn more answers ahead of the premiere. 

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Will Echo And Daredevil Team Up? 

Noted Daredevil affiliate Echo made her debut in the MCU via Hawkeye. Given her association with Fisk, it seems natural that she cross paths with Matt Murdock, but with Hawkeye essentially swapping out Matt Murdock for Clint Barton as her father’s “murderer,” it’s not clear how they’ll meet up. With that said, assuming Echo didn’t kill Kingpin, perhaps the two could unite on their shared disdain for the villain? It’d be interesting to see the two interact if so, and what role she might play in his life going forward, especially with her own Disney+ show on the way. 

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Will Other Heroes From Other Previously Connected Shows Appear? 

I’m sure many Marvel fans remember Daredevil is connected to the other Marvel Netflix shows of that era, but the ties actually ran pretty deep. Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger clearly made a Daredevil connection in its run, and considering that the former series had a crossover with Marvel’s Runaways,  re-canonizing the hero and its lore opens up a path of return for a lot of heroes. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher and even Iron Fist have a path into the MCU now, provided Marvel Studios wants that. It’ll be very interesting to see which heroes are brought back in, and if the same actors who originally played them will return. 

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Will Daredevil’s Abilities Enhance In Any Way? 

When Hawkeye re-introduced Kingpin, he was noticeably more durable. The villain took some pretty massive hits that would kill most people, but he more or less shrugged many of them off until the end. I can’t imagine Daredevil could take him down unless he too was a bit leveled up, though not necessarily in a way that enhances his strength. I’ve heard suggestions that perhaps the MCU’s Daredevil could be more acrobatic, or that his billy club could defy physics a bit more? I’m of the opinion he needs some sort of upgrade, especially if he has to hang in a place as perilous as the MCU. 

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Will The Show Be Less Violent And Explicit? 

Marvel shows have changed a lot since the Netflix era. Budgets are way up, but the violence and other mature content are way down. Remember those scenes where Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had sex and it was so powerful they broke the bed? What about all those brutal murders in Daredevil Season 2? Those types of things don’t happen in Marvel shows anymore, and I’d wager to say the Daredevil series that does return will tonally look a lot different than the previous three seasons. Of course, there’s a chance that maybe the show is exactly the same as it once was, but the odds of that feel low, in my opinion. We’ll just wait and see!

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Will Daredevil Team Up With Spider-Man? 

Charlie Cox reprised his role as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, officially linking the lawyer with Peter Parker. It’s likely Matt has no recollection of that encounter thanks to the events of the movie, but with both heroes in and around New York, it’s likely they’ll cross paths. While I’m not all too sure Disney will convince Tom Holland to appear in a Marvel television series anytime soon, there’s some precedent in Spider-Man and Daredevil team-ups. I’d love to see the two team up for an adventure in the show or on-screen, especially if Kingpin becomes a shared villain between the two.

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How Much Longer Will This Adventure Go? 

Daredevil is on its way back to television over three years after its cancellation, which is impressive by itself. At the same time, one has to wonder just how much longer the adventure will go. After all, Marvel Studios has a backlog of shows that still have to be released, and the company haven’t released a second season yet for any of the ones that aren't limited series. Given that, there’s a part of me that feels this continuation won’t chug along for another three seasons. That said, I know absolutely nothing and certainly hope I’m wrong. 

Daredevil will return, but fans will need a Disney+ subscription to watch it. There are a lot of upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows to keep an eye out for, so be sure to keep tabs on what’s going on to stay in the loop on what’s around the corner. 

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