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Marvel’s Kat Dennings Shares Sweet Thor Throwback Photo With Chris Hemsworth

Kat Dennings made her MCU return in WandaVision was a welcome surprise as she didn’t return for Thor: Ragnarok. Denning’s Darcy Lewis channeled every thought or opinion of moviegoers throughout her various Marvel appearances. But true Marvel fans will always be a soft spot for Lewis as Jane Foster’s sardonic assistant. It seemed the WandaVision star was in her feelings as she appeared to miss her Thor family. The actress decided to share a throwback photo featuring Thor: Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth.

The Thor: The Dark World star was feeling all nostalgic as she took to Instagram to share a special throwback image. While she enjoyed her return in the Disney+ series WandaVision, it appeared her Thor movie cast will always have her heart. All of Kat Dennings’ sentimentality came pouring out as she chose to give Thor diehards a small behind-the-scenes moment. See the cute sibling moment between her and Chris Hemsworth below.

Dennings and Hemsworth were giving all the brother-sister vibes in the sweet throwback. The headlock proved just how close the co-stars had grown filming those movies together. Kat Dennings recalled “almost crying” after finding the picture years after doing the Thor sequel. There was a longing from Dennings for more time with her Thor co-stars.

Unfortunately, Thor fans won’t get to see Dennings’ Darcy Lewis return to the fold in Thor: Love and Thunder. But Marvel fans shouldn’t be too sad as there might be more in store for Lewis, according to Kat Dennings. Despite the image only showing Hemsworth, the actress formed a special bond with her other co-star Natalie Portman. Having been friends before starring in the Thor films, Marvel heads were so impressed by the actresses’ friendship that they increased Lewis’ overall scenes with Jane Foster. So, her (and Portman’s) absence in Ragnarok were noticeable.

WandaVision showrunner Matt Shankman explained Dennings’ absence as Darcy Lewis obtained her doctorate between Thor: Ragnarok and the Disney+ miniseries. Thankfully, Lewis won’t go completely missing from the MCU this time around. Despite not being in Love and Thunder, Kat Dennings called Natalie Portman’s upcoming tenure as Thor a “genius move” as a Marvel fan herself. At least, the Two Broke Girls vet still has love and appreciation for her former (and probable future?) co-stars.

With Kat Dennings now back in the Marvel fold, she not only popped up in WandaVision but the Marvel animated anthology What If…? as well. Viewers will have to wait until more news comes out about Dennings’ Marvel re-integration. Before she pops up again, you can peep the upcoming slate of MCU television shows and movies to see what’s on the horizon. Along with upcoming Marvel projects, you can check out our 2022 schedule of upcoming films.

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