Watch Deadpool Star Zazie Beetz’s Funny Reaction When Asked About The Third Movie

Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2
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Lately there have been some notable updates coming out about the next Deadpool movie. For instance, Deadpool 3 took a huge step forward by hiring The Adam Project’s Shawn Levy as the director. While there hasn't been any news on who will be returning alongside Ryan Reynolds, many viewers have been waiting to hear if fan-favorite Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, will be back for the third film. Considering how important she was in Deadpool 2, one might think Beetz would have the inside scoop, but an awkward exchange elicited a funny reaction from The Harder They Fall actress on the subject.

The uncomfortable moment happened while the actress was on the red carpet to celebrate the FX comedy Atlanta’s Season 3 premiere. Variety wondered if the Joker actress had any updates on the threequel after the Shawn Levy announcement. She spouted out only what viewers already knew about. To see Beetz squirm her way out of the conversation, check out the Twitter clip below.

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That’s how you avoid a conversation. The actress seemed to know as much as moviegoers do. This isn’t the first time the Deadpool 2 actress has addressed Domino’s return for the third film. She admitted to being in the dark about the character’s return, as no one had reached out to her. Beetz did express interest in reviving the character in the threequel or a possible solo movie.

Of course, the actress’ murmuring and awkward laugh were understandable considering the Deadpool franchise is now part of the MCU family. We all know Marvel likes to keep things concealed, so that might’ve been Beetz’s way of avoiding the subject. At the same time, it’s incredibly early in the Deadpool 3 development process outside of Levy being the director. There hasn’t been any news on where the script currently stands, when production will start or a concrete release date. As such, Beetz might not know much about the film at this point, and she'll get more updates when fans do.

Of course, Ryan Reynolds holds all the cards along with Marvel Studios. But devoted fans (and the Atlanta actress) might not have to wait much longer, as Reynolds teased a cryptic update about Deadpool 3, promising more clarity in the future. Fans and the actress weren’t the only ones waiting on the latest information, as Morena Baccarin texts the Red Notice actor every six months to see what’s happening with the sequel’s development.

While viewers wait to hear about Domino and Vanessa’s returns, they are guessing about a Hulk crossover after Deadpool 3's director shared a photo of Mark Ruffalo and the Adam Project actor. Of course, it could happen given Ruffalo and Reynolds are part of the MCU, but moviegoers will have to wait until the sequel officially drops.

If you want any updates on Deadpool 3, you can always check back with CinemaBlend. But for now, just relive all Deadpool’s craziest and funniest moments by getting a Hulu subscription to stream Deadpool 2 and the first film.

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