Marvel’s Jeremy Renner Also Does Cheat Meals, But They Can't Compete With The Rock’s

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in Avengers: Endgame
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Staying in superhero shape is part of the job when it comes to portraying some of comic books' biggest and brightest heroes. While doing Marvel and DC movies come with amazing rewards, maintaining your fitness constantly can be exhausting after a prolonged time. So cheat meals are necessary to keep up a balanced lifestyle. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the patron saint of cheat days as seen in his recent Parks and Rec-influenced post. But The Rock might have a cheat meal rival in Marvel’s Jeremy Renner. The Hawkeye star decided to share cheat meals that rival The Rock’s.

The MCU star hopped on his Instagram account to let his followers know what his cheat days look like. This time, Renner chose to give them breakfast envy by posting an unbelievable waffle. But it wasn’t just an ordinary waffle, as it was filled with chocolate chips, topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream covered in chocolate syrup. Of course, the decadence still leaned on the healthier side with strawberries and blueberries. But the berries were covered in chocolate syrup and an orange sorbet, surrounded by whipped cream. To get a full look at his mid-week cheat meal, check out Jeremy Renner’s Instagram Story below.

Jeremy Renner's Instagram story of his mid-week cheat meal

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If you’re going to go all in on cheat day, that’s how you do it. Renner seemed just as excited to show off his plate as he was to dig into his confectionary treat. But who wouldn’t be excited to devour a waffle topped with ice cream? Seeing the image might make you envious of the MCU star and his stomach.

While Jeremy Renner could be a worthy adversary, The Rock reminded the world that he is still the reigning king of cheat meals. The Black Adam actor treated his followers by jumping on his Instagram to show off his Sunday cheat day. Just like Renner, Johnson gave fans a peek into his breakfast meal (or, in better terms, spread). He showed off his dozen eggs, crispy turkey bacon, and cornbread muffins. But, of course, the 50-year-old actor couldn’t help but give fans a look at a cheat day staple – coconut banana pancakes. If you want to check out his entire Sunday cheat meal, just watch the Instagram clip below.

Looking at his spread makes you think does he have enough to share with others. Given how much he consumes on his cheat days, the answer might be a resounding “no.” Seeing the clip does make you want to jump through the phone and grab a plate.

But there’s another cheat meal rival for both The Rock and Jeremy Renner to contend with – Thor: Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth. Most viewers are used to seeing Hemsworth working out and eating rigorously all year for his constant stream of action films. But even Thor needs a day to let himself go as the actor highlighted his London trip earlier this year where he ate four weeks of cheat meals in one fell swoop. Despite laying off his strict lifestyle for a moment, the Extraction star still influences others to workout and eating regime, including fellow MCU star Chris Pratt who scored Hemsworth’s Avengers chef to help get swole. Things paid off for both actors as they posted shirtless pics within two hours of each other.

Treating themselves had paid off as all these actors have multiple projects lined up. The Rock will finally be seen as the title role in Black Adam, which arrives in theaters on October 21. Chris Hemsworth will play mercenary Tyler Rake again in Extraction 2, which will premiere on Netflix later this year. He will also pop up in the Mad Max prequel Furiosa, which premieres in movie theaters on May 24, 2024. Chris Pratt has a full slate for the next year or so with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the Mario movie arriving in cinemas on May 5 and April 7, 2023, respectively. While it’s currently unknown what Jeremy Renner has lined up, you can check out what upcoming movies are coming out this year.

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