Fuller House: Check Out Kimmy's Weirdo, Overly Passionate Ex-Husband

If you were a fan of Full House during its original run, there’s a good chance that you foresaw a life for Kimmy Gibbler in which her closet of bafflingly bizarre clothing was her own and not shared with anyone of the opposite sex. But as the upcoming continuation series Fuller House tells us, not only did Kimmy have a husband, but they’re no longer together. And now we know who will be playing this crazy bastard who falls in love with her, and it’s Dallas actor Juan Pablo Di Pace.

Di Pace will play the inappropriately passionate Fernando – and those are the show’s specific words, not mine. Not to knock the lovely Andrea Barber, but Kimmy was the kind of personality-stunted girl that no one could have imagined another person being inappropriately passionate for them. So that must mean something is wrong with Fernando, right?

After all, his mini-arc will see him trying to get back with Kimmy in a manner referred to as relentless. To be fair, it’s not just Kimmy he wants to rekindle a relationship with – a relationship that he ruined, by the way – as they have a daughter, Ramona, who will be a member of the House in question. Considering Kimmy is living with Candace Cameron Bure’s D.J. when we re-meet them, I’m all set to see this guy do something douchey and have D.J. kick his ass to the curb. Although probably without the word “ass” and almost certainly no actual kicking.

According to TVLine, Di Pace is set for a recurring role on Fuller House, so we can probably expect him to show up every now and then, rather than during every episode. It’s possible you aren’t that familiar with the Argentinian actor at this point, as he’s only jumped to U.S. TV projects in the past couple of years. Beyond a recurring role on the short-lived NBC series Camp, Di Pace most notably took on the role of Jesus – you may have heard of him – for the Mark Burnett-produced NBC miniseries A.D. The Bible Continues. You can see him next in the comedic drama After the Reality.

Fernando is the latest character cast in the growing Fuller House population. As far as the newbies go, we’ve got Michael Campion and Elias Harger playing D.J.’s boys Jackson and Max, Soni Nicole Bringas as Fernando and Kimmy’s daughter Ramona, and Eva LaRue as Danny’s new lady Teri. And then we have all the returning stars, such as Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie, Bob Saget as Danny, Dave Coulier as Joey, John Stamos as Jesse, Lori Loughlin as Becky, and Scott Weinger as Steve.

While no release date has been planned yet, Fuller House is set to debut on Netflix in 2016.

Nick Venable
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