How Exactly The Void Works

We had three different realities in Stranger Things Season 1: the Hawkins filled with people, the Upside Down, and the Void visited by Eleven whenever she entered a sensory deprivation tank. She was able to use this Void to spy on Russians for Brenner and later to find Will and what was left of Barb. It would absolutely seem just like a place accessible only to Eleven in her mind... if not for the Demogorgon.

Eleven came across the Demogorgon without looking for it or even knowing that such a thing exists, so we don't know for sure if the Void is a separate dimension or a shared psychic plane of existence or simply a place of Eleven's own making. Given that the scenes in the Void were some of the most memorable (and creepy) of Season 1, explaining how exactly the Void works could ruin the mystery for any and all future seasons.

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