Could 2 Broke Girls Someday Return To Wrap Up Its Storylines? Here's What Kat Dennings Said

2 broke girls

2 Broke Girls was a CBS sitcom that garnered a pretty respectable audience over its six seasons on the air, but it came to a somewhat unceremonious end earlier this year when it was canceled after its Season 6 finale had already aired. Fans would not get to see what happened after the final episode of Season 6 ended, which had to be frustrating. While the episode didn't exactly end on a crazy cliffhanger, it did open the door for an exciting new era for Max and Caroline. Sadly, a Season 7 was not in the cards. Still, star Kat Dennings would be down with returning to the series someday, as she had this to say about the possibility of more 2 Broke Girls:

Maybe one day we'll wrap it all up with a two-hour special where we see all of these things happen. I would love that. I think the people that watched the show for so many years deserve some closure, and I would love to give that to them.

Kat Dennings is clearly on board to reprise her role as Max at some point in the future, judging by her comments to Yahoo Entertainment. Fans who stuck around the series and followed the lives (and loves) of Max and Caroline were undoubtedly disappointed by the lack of closure that came with the post-finale cancellation, even though the show had been on the bubble for a while. Closure in the form of a TV special would be a solid way to tie up the stories, if another season isn't an option. Given that revivals of everything from The X-Files to Roseanne have gotten the green light in recent years, perhaps a TV special isn't too far-fetched of an idea.

A two-hour special would probably be doable for the cast, if the opportunity arose. They may be moving on with their careers in the aftermath of the 2 Broke Girls cancellation, but getting back together for a special rather than another full season could potentially be squeezed into their schedules. Kat Dennings at least sounds willing to make it work at some point, although she notably didn't give a timeline for when a revival special would work.

That said, Kat Dennings did share some ideas of what could be covered in a special that won't be tackled in a seventh season:

We didn't get to see Max and Randy's real wedding, which I think would've been cool. [Creator Michael Patrick King and I] actually talked as if there was going to be another season, and we were talking about how even when Max and Randy got married, she and Caroline can't live apart, so what would that have looked like? Would Max and Caroline have moved to California? Because they can't be separated. So it was going to be kind of a funny thing and have them have their individual success.

While 2 Broke Girls' future is currently still as empty as Max's bank account, we just might see it return one day in the future. Until we hear more, there are lots of new and returning shows making their way to the small screen in the near future, and they can be found on our fall TV premiere schedule and our 2018 midseason premiere schedule.

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