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The unbreakable man finally took center stage when Luke Cage debuted in 2016, and he reaffirmed his status as one of Marvel's coolest heroes with last year's release of The Defenders. It's almost time for him to once again go on his own adventures, and a brand-new promo for Luke Cage Season 2 teases all of the down and dirty (yet undeniably awesome) action that we have come to expect from Mike Colter's titular hero, and now we know Season 2 will debut on Friday, June 22. Check out the trailer for the next season of the Netflix series, below.

That trailer-esque video is admittedly light on plot, but it's also heavy on tone and style, and most importantly, it finally allows us to mark our calendars down for the show's summer return. We once again get to see Luke Cage take plenty of hits, while shrugging some off, and he's challenging anyone who wants to fight him to step up to the plate and take their best shot. But watching him walking through flames likely won't inspire many to face him. With Season 2 of his solo series right around the corner (and a significant victory against The Hand under his belt), it's obvious that Luke is more confident and self-assured than ever.

Another thing worth noting about Luke Cage's Season 2 promo is Luke appears to remain a symbolic fixture in the community. He doesn't wear a mask like Daredevil's titular protagonist, and he doesn't stick to the shadows like Jessica Jones. Luke Cage is widely known by his friends and his enemies, and Season 2 looks like it'll play into that idea even more, emphasizing the fact that Luke has become one of the most easily recognizable faces on the streets of New York.

Of course, well before Luke Cage Season 2 debuts, we will have even more Netflix-based Marvel Cinematic Universe content to sift through. Jessica Jones Season 2 is set to debut on March 8, and it looks like we're due for yet another dark journey into her world of trauma. There's currently no word as to whether or not Luke Cage will appear in Jessica Jones Season 2, but given his presence in Season 1 and his relationship/friendship/partnership with Jessica, it would make sense to see him show up and pave the way for his own second season.

Luke Cage Season 2 will debut on Netflix on June 22. Season 1 is already available for streaming on the platform, so make sure to check it out and take a look at our midseason premiere guide for more details on all of this spring's most highly-anticipated releases. Then, if you're still hungry for more content, you can listen to the most recent episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast to hear our thoughts on the latest and greatest news in the streaming world!