How Legends Of Tomorrow Will Change The Team Up For Season 4

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched Legends of Tomorrow's Season 3 finale.

As Legends of Tomorrow reached the end of its balls-out third season, it was more apparent than ever that this creative team is having as much fun as anyone else on TV. Its recent season finale featured an O.G. Legend's death, a big villain's death, a newer Legend's exit, a mega-Beebo, a historical melee, and John Constantine teasing that John Noble's Mallus wasn't the only big bad demon out there. So how will the show top itself in Season 4? By turning heroes into villains, it seems. According to executive producer Phil Klemmer:

There are more changes coming. We don't want Legends to just remain in stasis. We're gonna have at least a Legend, if not two, kind of breaking bad next season. And then, presumably, we'll find another new Legend along the way.

Say what? Someone within this ragtag group of time-traveling heroes is going to make a heel turn in Season 4? Who is it? Let me at 'em, let me at 'em!! (Side note: is there a way for Legends to bring Scrappy-Doo into the group to try and make him cool?)

Okay, so Phil Klemmer didn't say that Nate is going to start cooking meth like Walter White or anything, but if one or two Legends will be "kind of breaking bad" in Season 4, that still doesn't bode well for everyone else. A smaller turn like that perhaps implies that someone within the group will pull some double-agent moves, working with the enemy while also remaining a dependable force on the Waverider (and throughout the annals of time). Could it be late-stage recruit Wally West? Will Jax's return to heroism sans Stein make him angry about the losses he's faced? Could resident leader Sara Lance herself be influenced to return to her own villainous days? (As interesting as that could be, I hope it's not the case.)

With one or two current Legends potentially heading for darker pastures in Season 4, combined with Rip and Amaya's absences, that means there will be a bit more room on the Waverider for other super-recruits. (We'll get more Ava, too.) Phil Klemmer teasing a new Legend being on the horizon is very exciting, and fans no doubt already have full lists of ideas for comic icons they want to see next. Can we finally get Blue Beetle in the Arrow-verse?

But perhaps that new Legend, as well as some of the new villains, won't be from the comic book world at all, with other forms of fiction serving as the source material. Here's what else Phil Klemmer told TVGuide about Season 4.

We're probably going to lean more heavily into the world of myths and monsters.

That touches upon what he teased about Mallus being an introduction to bigger and scarier things. Does that mean we'll get to see Hercules fighting lions alongside Mick at at some point? Or maybe The Blob will show up? On Legends of Tomorrow, there are no limits to what can happen, so we won't be surprised if the creative team actually invokes the spirit of some mythological entity into our reality and makes it sign the Season 4 contract right on the dotted line. Stranger things have happened, right? I mean, Grodd and Obama met.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 will start coming together in the upcoming months, with a premiere likely coming to The CW later in 2018. To see what other shows will be popping up in the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere rundown.

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