Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been a raging success for MTV, which is why the network wasted no time in getting Season 2 filmed and in the books before life drama prevented any of these cast members from being able to party down. The crew was relatively successful this time around, but complications have arisen for several different cast members, and there are some big questions that will need to be answered before Season 3 gets renewed and starts filming. Here's a breakdown of some "situations" that will almost certainly need to be addressed if the series is meant to continue on past the yet-to-air second season.

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

What Happens If The Situation Goes To Jail?

For those who haven't kept up with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's tax evasion case, the court ruling was most recently once again pushed back to September of 2018. There's a solid shot The Sitch could be shipped off to prison, which would almost certainly mean he wouldn't be around with his friends during Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3. (At least not in person.) Sorrentino has tried to remain optimistic in the public eye, not saying much about the possibility of prison, so it's unclear if he'd be up for the show to film segments with him if he's locked away, assuming the prison itself would allow it. If that route is no good, perhaps the show could convince his fiancé Lauren to join the cast in his place, although her brief appearance in Season 1 seemed to show she's not necessarily Jersey Shore material.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jersey Shore Fmaily Vacation MTV

Will Ronnie Return, Or Is He Done With The Show?

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro experienced some Grade Z life drama in it when Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1 was filming, and things have only escalated. Ronnie has had multiple public fights with his ex and baby mama Jen Harley, and one recent incident (involving Ortiz-Magro being dragged behind Harley's vehicle in view of their child) is believed to be the reason he wasn't around to tape the final leg of Season 2. MTV isn't saying much about Ronnie's absence at this time, and there's a question as to whether or not the change-up was his decision, or if it was the network trying to distance itself from his drama. Until something official is announced, it would appear Ronnie's appearance in Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is one big question mark, and we'd like to see it answered.

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola Jersey Shore MTV

Could Sammi Sweetheart Come Back If Ronnie Doesn't?

Fans were disappointed when Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola opted out of returning for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, especially after that Burger King reunion, but it took all of half an episode for them to understand why she stayed away. Her ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, with whom she'd feuded through most of the O.G. series, confirmed at various points that he's not over her, and with his life going the way it is right now, few could probably blame Sammi for staying as far away as possible from any potential drama. That said, if there were guarantees in place that Ronnie would be out for Season 3, would "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet," make her return? The cast seems optimistic about the odds, and we're hoping it's a possibility if Ron-Ron has to bow out for one reason or another.

Deena Nicole Cortese Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Will Post-Pregnancy Deena Be Able To Return?

Deena Nicole Cortese has a little one on the way, and with her due date falling in December of 2018, it's a valid question whether or not she'll be around for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3. Deena was reportedly absent from a chunk of the Season 2 filming in Las Vegas, so it's not like she's afraid to take time off from the show for the sake of her family. She may not have a choice, either, if Jersey Shore Family Vacation decides to continue its rapid filming schedule, which could almost guarantee she sits out the next vacation. There's always the possibility the show could make a road-trip pit stop to visit with the new mom at home, and possibly keeping her tethered to video chats until she would be able to return.

Angelina Pivarnick Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Will Angelina Come Back Full-Time? If So, Why?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation obviously has a solid chance of losing one or more cast members before Season 3, and if the ratings continue to be as strong for Season 2 as they were in Season 1, MTV will probably do whatever it can to keep the show on the air. For better or worse, the spinoff re-introduced the former Jersey Shore castmate Angelina in its return, and fans were certainly interested in seeing more of the once-ousted Staten Island native. Angelina's return is certainly an option, although it's definitely not clear how fans would respond to her presence in the series beyond just questionable period-poops. The crew apparently seems to be considering it, as Pivarnick was spotted with the cast when the show was filming in Seaside Heights towards the end of its Season 2 production.

DJ Pauly Delvecchio Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Will Pauly D Ever Find True Love?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation dedicated an entire episode to finding love for Pauly D, but is that option even possible for the DJ? Pauly and showrunner Sallyann Salsano seem to think so, as the two have been on a Twitter crusade to rally fans into getting hype started up for a Pauly D dating show to get produced. There's even a "Date Me Pauly D" sweepstakes happening on Twitter where women are tweeting the corresponding hashtag in hopes of securing a night with the Jersey Shore DJ. Could one of these young ladies be the one that makes Pauly give up his single lifestyle? What would this crew be like with Pauly D invested in a long-term relationship with someone he's truly meant for?

Jenni JWoww Farley Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Will There Be Any Other Spinoff Shows?

After Jersey Shore's initial conclusion, MTV took a few shots at spinoffs, so it's certainly a valid question whether Jersey Shore Family Vacation will do the same. If it's impossible to get the entire crew back together for Season 3, projects centered on different members of the group would have to be the next best thing. For example, what if Mike beats the case and he and Lauren do a couple-based show called The Situations? Or maybe Deena, Snooki, and JWoww get a show called Shore Moms? Or perhaps Ronnie's drama would deserve its own standalone project. The sky is the limit with this bunch -- Jersey Shore on a plane! -- and while MTV's offshoots haven't been popular as the shows featuring the whole cast, it would potentially be better than Season 3 pushing forward with half of them missing.

Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is coming to MTV in August, and hopefully, some of those questions we have will be answered by then. In the meantime, head on over to our summer premiere guide and see what shows are worth watching before the official return of Jerzday.

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