The Mick Creators Revealed How Crazy Season 3 Was Going To Be

The Mick
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When Fox announced which shows had been chopped for fall's lineup, The Mick was among the ones to go despite Season 2 ending on a major cliffhanger. And the news came as a shock to the comedy's creators, John and Dave Chernin. With a bit of distance from when the ax fell to now, the brothers and co-creators are opening up about what would have happened had Fox renewed the comedy for a third season and giving the show's fans a possible sense of closure in the process.

The series finale (a.k.a. the Season 2 finale) ended with Mickey and others surrounding Sabrina, following the news that her being electrocuted could have long-term implications on her health, including her abilities to walk and talk. Well, it turns out Season 3 would not have included a miracle cure for Sabrina, which is frequently the case for storylines such as this.

Instead, the show would have illustrated how she would have made her way through it. According to The Mick's co-creator John Chernin, the plan was to jump forward a few months, and explore the impact of Sabrina's accident over the course of the third season, including her recovery, per TVLine. And Sabrina's recovery was not the only storyline the show had in store for Season 3.

The Mick's creators also teased that Alba would find herself a bit more grounded in Season 3, while also revealing a potential love triangle in her romantic future. Other revelations included: the indefinite non-labeling of Mickey and Jimmy's relationship and the possibility of introducing a shared custody arrangement with Chip's biological father.

It is safe to say there would have been a lot going on had the series continued. As of now, fans of The Mick are unlikely to see any of this make it the small screen. Unlike fellow Fox series Lucifer, The Mick has not found new life on another platform. At least the creators have now given fans a sense of what they could have expected had the show gone on. The Mick's creators also explained that the season ended the way it did because they felt safe regarding a renewal.

As many shows learned this year, there was no such thing as safe. The sudden end of The Mick came as another cutthroat season of network television culminated in numerous cancellation shockers. While strong ratings had accompanied the early days of The Mick's first season, those numbers saw a significant drop off by the end of it. Season 2, while steady with Season 1's finale, did not have outstanding numbers by the end. Based on that, it is possible its ratings may have played a role in deciding the series' fate. For now, fans of The Mick have what was and what could have been.

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