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Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding Big Brother's latest episode. Read at your own risk.

Following Christie's nominations, the first official eviction has completed on Big Brother. All appeared normal at first, but a new twist has ensured things are not proceeding as usual. After the Houseguests all voted out Ovi Kabir, host Julie Chen Moonves popped on to inform everyone after they said their goodbyes to Kabir that he would not be leaving the house.

Not only that, but the door opened and the first eliminated contestant David Alexander strolled back in. Both men are out of the game for now, but will continue to live alongside the contestants and have a chance to compete to be back in the game in a unique twist called "Camp Comeback." So, what's this new twist, and how will it affect the house's newest HoH Jack? Here's what we know.

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Camp Comeback

As previously mentioned, all who enter Camp Comeback are out of the game for the time being. After elimination, they'll continue to live in the less comfortable bunk space, but still interact with each other and the remaining players in the game. They'll still play the game via Big Brother social, and once the Camp has four former Houseguests, they'll have a competition in which one of them will return back to the game.

As for what's happening after that or along the way, we're left to wonder. Will the Houseguests have any say on who returns? If so, there's extra incentive for these evicted Houseguests to continue to play nice and campaign, even though they can't vote or participate in ceremonies unless they win their way back in the competition. It isn't Big Brother unless viewers are expecting the unexpected right?

How Camp Comeback May Affect Jack's Head Of Household Plan

Prior to elimination, Ovi Kabir let Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie in on a very special nightmare power he was in control of. He put all his cards on the table, and told the two that if they protected him, he would use his nightmare power to keep them from being eliminated if they were up on the block over the next six weeks.

Ultimately, the two men decided to eliminate Ovi anyway, assuming that the power would be lost once he's out. Now he's still in the house, and apparently, his nightmare power could come back with him. That's what is being said over the live feeds anyway, as chatter between Ovi Kabir and Jackson Michie heard Kabir claiming that power is still his if he returns. That's a twist that could help Michie and Jack Matthews, and one Kabir still seems in the business of offering.

Keep in mind though, Ovi Kabir was talking to Jackson Michie about the power. Jackson is probably Team Ovi at the moment anyway in Camp Comeback, as he has to suspect David Alexander is gunning for him after Michie got him temporarily eliminated. Michie was also interested in saving Kabir when he first learned of the power, but Jack Matthews didn't seem all that interested. Jackson may have some pull, but it feels like Matthews is running the show for now.

How will this fresh twist change Jack's plan and the game in general? We can only wait and see as Big Brother Season 21 is back on CBS Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for details on the latest season, and for other things happening in television news.

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