New Vikings Video Reveals Lagertha's Next Big Battle

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Spoilers for latest episode of Vikings Season 6 entitled “The Key” are discussed below!

Lagertha is gearing up for her next big battle on Vikings. Or perhaps, more appropriately, she is going to get a re-match. In the latest episode, Lagertha and Bjorn’s wife, Gunnhild, prepared to face down the mega-violent bandits again with fellow villagers. Gunnhild seemed to think they moved on at one point, but Lagertha felt differently.

Well, a thrilling new Vikings video shows Lagertha facing off with the bandits and their leader, and it is going to be a personal battle for her. In a previous encounter with them, their leader murdered Lagertha’s grandson, Hali. Now, it is time for a re-match, and things appear to get dicey for the fan-favorite. Check it out:

Lagertha says she is ready to die, but there is a reason for her to believe this is not how she goes out. The Vikings video shows an emotional Lagertha facing down the evil person who murdered her grandson. She looks primed to avenge Hali in a hard-fought battle with a virtual goliath. Gunnhild even seems nervous about her mother-in-law at one point.

It does not look good for the shield-maiden. However, there is ample hope that she will come out victorious despite the rough patch she hits in the battle. I am curious who Lagertha is telling to stand back in the video. Is it Gunnhild? Maybe.

Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha, previously teased that the unable-to-retire shield-maiden would have one major battle in Vikings Season 6. Is this it? It seems feasible. However, I honestly thought that it was going to happen in the tragic episode that claimed Hali’s life. Hence, it is still pretty touch and go on that front.

For those concerned about Lagertha’s welfare, take heart. Katheryn Winnick has seemingly confirmed her Season 6 fate. While fans wait to see how that plays out, there is one thing that is more certain. Lagertha’s death is said to come at the hands of one of Ragnar’s sons. Unless something crazy is about to get revealed, the lead bandit should not fit that bill.

The face-off between Lagertha and the horrible head bandit has been brewing for a while now on Vikings. Season 6 began with Bjorn’s fateful decision to brand and then exile Hali’s eventual killer. So, how Bjorn has handled being King has led to some life-changing choices. Now it is up to Lagertha, Gunnhild, and others to stop the threat he unintentionally unleashed.

Instinct says that Lagertha finally puts down this threat, once and for all, in Vikings’ next episode. The buildup to get to this point has been enormous, and it is time to get this conflict resolved. Hopefully, with Lagertha coming out on top!

Find out how Lagertha’s next big battle unfolds when new episodes of Vikings air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on History. The historical drama’s Season 6 return is part of this winter's premieres.

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