Where Vikings Left Its Main Characters After Season 6's Winter Finale

Vikings Alexander Ludwig Bjorn History
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Spoiler Alert: Major details regarding the midseason finale of Vikings Season 6 are discussed below. Do not read further unless you really want to know!

Well, that was an ending I could not have foreseen in a million years. The sixth and final season of Vikings reached a shocking midway point that the show has been hurtling toward all through Season 6A. To say the winter finale changed Vikings forever would probably still be an understatement. Where did Season 6’s winter finale leave Vikings’ main characters? The Rus army’s invasion of Norway claimed many casualties, and the main characters were not exempt.

Here's where the main characters were left heading into the second half of Season 6.

Vikings Bjorn Alexander Ludwig History

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What Happened: Despite a massive effort by Bjorn and his allies, the Rus army defeated Norway’s. Then came the real shocker. In the final moments of Vikings’ winter finale, Ivar was shown running Bjorn through with a sword. A shocked Bjorn fell down. His wound was almost certainly mortal, and he appeared to die, just a few episodes after his mother also perished.

What It Means: Unless Bjorn Ironside pulls a Jon Snow, Lagertha and Ragnar’s son is dead. The lethal twist means that only ten episodes after being declared the King of Kattegat, Bjorn has been killed off the show. It also brings new meaning to Katheryn Winnick discussing Bjorn’s downfall. I never expected it to entail this!

Vikings Alex Høgh Andersen Ivar the Boneless Igor Oran Glynn O'Donovan History

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What Happened: Ivar’s scheming paid off in Vikings’ winter finale. He returned to Norway after forging his complicated relationship with Prince Oleg and wiped out Bjorn and King Harald’s forces. Ivar appeared to be the one to kill his older brother, Bjorn. However, that may have been a creative imagining, because near that time Ivar’s physical location seemed to put him far away from Bjorn.

What It Means: Ivar is closer to power but still far away. Oleg had previously shared his vision for Ivar, including a future for him as a “puppet king.” Now that Ivar has achieved almost everything that he has ever wanted, he will probably scheme to get rid of Oleg. Vikings’ winter finale has set the stage for their potential showdown in the final ten episodes.

Vikings Ragga Ragnars Gunnhild History

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What Happened: Much to my pleasant surprise, Bjorn’s first wife survived Vikings’ winter finale. Sadly, her and Bjorn’s son did not. Gunnhild went into premature labor and the next scene revealed the baby's tragic death. A grief-stricken Gunnhild laid her son to rest by herself, and later fought in the battle against the Rus. She and Oleg briefly faced off on his ship before Gunnhild jumped into the water.

What It Means: Anything could have happened to Gunnhild after she went into the presumably icy waters. I would like to think that Gunnhild survived and will somehow avenge Bjorn by taking out Ivar. They did come close to clashing during the colossal battle.

Vikings Ingrid Lucy Martin History

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What Happened: Harald tried to get Ingrid to betray Bjorn. His offer? To leave Bjorn and become Harald’s only wife, and the Queen of Norway. Ingrid turned him down. Harald then had her brought to him against her will and ultimately raped her. Afterward, she came out, and later collapsed in Olaf’s arms. Ingrid was last seen standing near the water.

What It Means: Hopefully, Ingrid does not jump, and instead reunites with Gunnhild when Vikings Season 6 resumes. I do not think she will go into the water, but I have been way off-base with Vikings before. On another note, her scene with Olaf briefly made me wonder if he was her father. It would explain her fascination with Bjorn since Olaf shared her enthusiasm for him. However, I am pretty sure they are not related.

Vikings Peter Frazen Harald History

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What Happened: After years of brutality, Harald finally got his just desserts. Unfortunately, it did not come at the hands of one of his victims. Harald seemed to be killed during the battle with the Rus. On the battlefield, Erik saw him dying and took his crown. I thought Bjorn would end up wearing it, but Vikings had other plans.

What It Means: Barring a shocker, Harald should no longer be around to terrorize the masses. As for what Harald’s apparent death means moving forward, it will not lead to what I thought it might – Bjorn becoming King of Norway. For now, the future of a united Norway is in serious doubt. With Bjorn gone, I supposed Ivar could run for election. That is if such a thing will exist under Oleg’s rule.

Vikings Hvitserk Marco Ilsø History

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What Happened: Hvitserk, how I loathe thee! For whatever reason, Ivar is keeping his brother alive and at his side. Ivar's reasons for doing so remain a mystery. However, the outcome of his and Hvitserk's latest alliance had a definitive result. Hvitserk is still alive and was seen celebrating the Rus’ victory alongside Ivar. Please let Hvitserk get what he deserves before Vikings ends!

What It Means: The guy is despicable, and he just keeps winning. Bjorn should have never let him go, if you ask me. It was yet another example of the bad choices Bjorn made before his death. Hvitserk living while Bjorn died is a bitter pill to swallow. Vikings is not about the right or fair thing happening, though. It is a realistic and brutal twist that Hvitserk would survive.

Vikings Prince Oleg Danila Kozlovsky History

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What Happened: The despotic ruler has arrived in Norway and made serious inroads in his invasion. It was not an entirely easy victory. Bjorn and company made him fight for it. In non-fighting news, Oleg spotted a moment between his wife and Ivar. Oleg did not look too pleased either. Is it all part of a master plan? Even after Vikings’ winter finale, I still have no clue.

What It Means: Now that Oleg has taken a part of Norway and Ivar has served his purpose, I do not know what will happen next. Oleg supposedly does not know that Ivar helped his brother escape. If Oleg somehow learns this, it could be the nail in Ivar’s coffin. It is possible that Vikings’ final showdown could be between Oleg and Ivar.

Bjorn is definitely out of the competition. I know I was mad at Bjorn last week, but I never wanted him to get killed off of Vikings, especially so far ahead of the series finale. It was a lot for this viewer to take in, and so soon after the series said goodbye to Lagertha! Withstanding a last-minute appearance by Rollo, all of Vikings’ original characters are gone now.

At least Ubbe is alive. It is one small silver lining in a rather mournful season. Bjorn’s rule did not end the way I had hoped it would when Season 6 began, nor did his life. It all started sliding downhill, and it never let up. His last remaining known child is his daughter with Torvi.

Sadly, her farewell to her father when she left with her mom and her uncle/stepfather Ubbe marked a final one. Vikings will return for the last half of its final season at a future date that has yet to be announced by History, so stay tuned. While you wait for the series’ finale, you can check out this winter and spring’s premieres.

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