Is Netflix Uncancelling Lucifer And Bringing It Back For Season 6 After All?

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The wild ride of Lucifer may not be ending as soon as expected. The series was previously slated to wrap after its upcoming fifth season, but now Netflix is reportedly interested in continuing the Devil's story beyond the end of Season 5. After fans campaigned hard to get Lucifer renewed once before, will it now be the streaming giant fighting for the Devil to have another day? Here's what's happening.

Netflix is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros. Television with the goal of expanding Lucifer beyond the fifth season that had been confirmed as Lucifer's last, according to TVLine. At the time of writing, neither Netflix nor Warner Bros. have commented on a potential continuation beyond Season 5, so nothing is set in stone at this point. If only Tom Ellis really did have the power to grant people's desires, as his Lucifer alter ego does!

Lucifer was originally cancelled after three seasons on Fox, only to be revived at Netflix for Season 4. The renewal for Season 5 came along with the news that the fifth was slated to be the final season. Unsurprisingly, the second cancellation brought the Lucifer fandom back out in force to push for a Seaon 6 renewal, and showrunner Ildy Modrovich did comment that so much of him "could do Lucifer forever."

That said, Ildy Modrovich later shared that "a fight won't change things right now" and "TREMENDOUS care and consideration" went into the decision to cancel by Netflix and Warner Bros., so the cancellation apparently wasn't a choice made lightly by anybody involved. All signs have pointed toward Lucifer going out with a bang.

Between the show bringing back awesome guest stars like Charlotte and even Eve, not to mention likely closure on the Lucifer/Chloe relationship, Lucifer Season 5 seemed like it could come to a satisfactory ending even if it gets off to a "really sad" start. But have there been signs along the way that Netflix might actually want more Lucifer beyond Season 5?

It's possible. The episode count for Lucifer Season 5 was originally announced as ten, but then Netflix upped the ante by bumping the episode count all the way up to 16. Then came the news in fall 2019 that Lucifer's fifth season would be split into two halves, with eight episodes dropping separately. Frankly, the extra episodes plus the split already made it feel to me like Netflix was more or less getting two seasons out of one order.

None of this is to say that Netflix and Warner Bros. are in serious talks for more Lucifer beyond the fifth season that could really yield a Season 6. Fans shouldn't start celebrating Lucifer being saved from cancellation yet again at this point. What they can start celebrating is that the first eight episodes of Season 5 are expected to debut in 2020, and the Lucifer boss already dropped some exciting news for Deckerstar fans. At the very least, we can hope that Netflix announces an official premiere date sooner rather than later.

For now, you can always check out our picks of 5 Netflix series to watch while waiting for Lucifer Season 5, and start trying to figure out if and how Tom Ellis' appearance in The CW's "Crisis onInfinite Earths" event will impact the new season of Lucifer.

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