Yellowstone Season 4 Got An Early Renewal Before Season 3 Premiere, Plus More Good News

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Great news, Yellowstone fans! The hit Western starring Kevin Costner has gotten an early renewal well ahead of Season 3’s premiere. Paramount Network has renewed Yellowstone for Season 4, which means more of the Duttons and your other favorites!

Yellowstone’s early renewal is in keeping with a trend that also occurred last year when Paramount Network renewed the drama right before Season 2’s premiere. Paramount Network’s pick-up of Season 4 comes way before Season 3 debuts. While it still does not have a premiere date, it is expected to bow this summer.

Yellowstone has been a massive hit for Paramount Network and fans are actively anticipating Season 3, which has been teased as containing “big reveals.” The confirmation of Season 4 adds yet another layer to the already-existing excitement. Fans can watch Season 3 knowing they have another one to look forward to in the future. The series’ longevity has been a topic of conversation with the tease of “many seasons."

Season 4 getting the official green light is not where the good news ends for Yellowstone’s co-creator, Taylor Sheridan. He has signed an overall production and development deal with ViacomCBS’ Entertainment & Youth Brands. The agreement includes a multitude of projects.

One of Taylor Sheridan’s projects will be the first season of Mayor of Kingstown, a new scripted drama. Like Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown will follow a family. Instead of Montana, the McCluskys live in small-town Michigan. They are the “power brokers” who manage a myriad of interests, including those in crime, law enforcement, those incarcerated, and politicians.

Taylor Sheridan is the co-creator of Mayor of Kingstown along with Hugh Dillon. Sheridan and Dillon will both serve as executive producers on the series. For fans of Yellowstone, this series sounds like it will run along the lines of Yellowstone’s alluring nature. Time will tell if it will feature the sibling conflict that Yellowstone does.

For those curious to unravel the mystery surrounding Beth and Jamie Dutton’s long-running feud, Yellowstone’s co-creator Taylor Sheridan has promised further exploration of the siblings’ relationship. If the mysterious reason behind their conflict does not get resolved in Season 3, there is reason to hope it can get dealt with in Season 4. Whatever it is may take two seasons to sift through!

As fans await the premiere of Season 3, they do at least have an exciting clip to help keep them occupied. In it, Beth can be seen paying a less than warm welcome to newcomer Roarke Carter, played by Lost’s Josh Holloway. He is one of many new characters set to step into the spotlight when Yellowstone resumes!

Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton, apparently did not film any scenes with Josh Holloway. What Kayce and Roarke potentially not sharing any on-screen action could mean for Holloway’s Roarke remains to be seen. Fans will want to stay tuned. They now have two more seasons of Yellowstone officially heading their way.

Yellowstone will return after this winter and spring’s premieres. Season 3 begins this summer on Paramount Network. Peacock is going to be Yellowstone's streaming home. The service launches for Comcast’s X1 and Flex subscribers on April 15 before going national on July 15.

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