Looks Like The Boys Is Sending Homelander To Church In New Look At Season 2

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The Boys will be roaring back to Amazon some time this summer with even more blood, guts, crazy twists and (probably) immoral superheroes, and while we don't know too many details about what's going to go down after last year's epic finale, we are starting to get some clues about the action. Creator and executive producer Eric Kripke recently took to social media to give fans a tiny taste of what we're going to see when Season 2 rolls around, and it looks like Homelander will be in an intriguing spot at some point during the new season.

With many productions currently shutdown, fans of The Boys are quite lucky that Season 2 has been done filming for several weeks. But, Eric Kripke is still hard at work on post-production for the dark dramedy, so he let fans on Twitter have a peek at the work he's been doing to get The Boys ready for our blood-thirsty eyeballs later this year. I have so many thoughts about where Homelander appears to be. Take a look:

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OK, so we got two shots from Season 2 of The Boys, one of which shows Karl Urban's Billy Butcher looking as devilish and crafty as ever, and the other one showing Antony Starr's Homelander...in church? He looks sort of annoyed, which is hardly unusual for Homelander as he tries to keep up the appearance that he's a do-good hero and all around upright human being, but what could have possibly brought him to a church in the first place?

I mean, we all know that Homelander has tons to atone for. He's a (possible) rapist and (definite) mass murderer of innocents, for one. Plus, the end of Season 1 saw him take out his crush and handler of The Seven, Madelyn Stillwell, along with (most likely) the man who helped to raise him in a lab, so he could certainly do with some religious repentance. He did just find the son he didn't know was alive until recently, so maybe it'll lead to some kind of glorious awakening that leads him down a less repugnant path.

Who am I kidding? Homelander is rotten to the core, so whatever brings him to a church in Season 2 of The Boys is probably not gonna be good for anyone. This is especially true considering that look on his face. It's as if someone just told him he should be ashamed of himself for, well, anything, and he's trying to not kill them because of the churchy nature of his surroundings. But, you know, he's totally going to kill the shit out of them. Maybe not immediately, but soon. I just hope he doesn't ruin that lovely stained glass in the background.

Of course, whatever Homelander does, Butcher, Hughie and the rest of The Boys are hot on his trail and working every possible minute to take down all the supes. Season 1 already delivered some incredibly wild moments, but we've been promised that Season 2 will go way deeper into the lives of its characters while still bringing viewers even more "bonkers" scenes. There's even a new supe, Stormfront, coming aboard to shake things up, so we're going to be in for another nutty, gory, sex-fueled ride.

The Boys will hit Amazon sometime this summer, but all of Season 1 is currently available, and you can stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest. To fill out your viewing options right now, check out our 2020 midseason premiere guide, Netflix schedule and Hulu releases for March and April!

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