Wait, Tiger King Isn't The Biggest Netflix Hit Right Now?

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Tiger King has been a major part of entertainment headlines and Twitter buzz since its release, but it may not be the biggest Netflix hit right now. The streamer has another original series that is making waves with viewers, too. In fact, Tiger King may not wear the crown of having the most massive worldwide audience. What show is on track to beat it?

The same show that set binge-watching records last year with the release of its previous season. That would be the Spanish-language thriller – Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). When it comes to which show brought in the largest worldwide audience, Money Heist has the edge over Tiger King for the first quarter of 2020.

THR reports that Netflix projects 65 million member accounts watched Money Heist. Tiger King is not far off from that with 64 million member accounts tuning in. It is also important to note that this is just Netflix’s projection. Could Tiger King make up that million in the end? Stay tuned.

It is important to note that Netflix’s new measure of a “view” now constitutes a subscriber watching a piece of content for only two minutes. It was previously defined as an account viewing 70% of an episode. Whatever the metric, Money Heist has the edge over the much-buzzed-about Tiger King.

It is a stat that even Money Heist’s criminal mastermind, The Professor, may not have predicted. The fourth chapter in the heist saga chronicled yet another dizzying descent into the madness of a high-stakes heist at the Bank of Spain. This show is a scripted drama, whereas Tiger King is all docuseries.

As it stands in the U.S., Tiger King is the number six most-watched content, according to Netflix’s handy new popular feature. In contrast, Money Heist is not anywhere in the top ten. While Tiger King may lose the crown of top monthly worldwide audience to Money Heist, it still has something going for it.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Tiger King raked in 34.3 million unique viewers during its first ten days on Netflix, a number that proved how popular the series has actually been. Or, this at least gave a strong indication about it. In another sign of its popularity, Netflix green-lit an after-show for the series.

Curious minds ended up learning even more about Joe Exotic in the Tiger King special, as many of those featured shared various stories. Not taking part in the after-show, however, were Joe Exotic (who is currently incarcerated) and Carole Baskin. The world is clearly watching. My question is if Netflix can somehow give viewers more of this content?

Tiger King’s pop culture prominence has clearly not been lost on Netflix. Considering the worldwide popularity of Money Heist, it is quite impressive that Tiger King was able to claw its way to being so close to the crime thriller. Despite all of the real-life drama of Tiger King, Money Heist may have it beat in the long run.

As someone who watched both upon their release, I have to say that Tiger King and Money Heist could not be any different. It is interesting to see such opposites clamoring for the top spot among the world’s audience.

You can stream Tiger King and Money Heist on Netflix. The limited series and the recently released fourth season of Money Heist have been among this year’s new content. If you need something else to watch, consider this spring’s premieres.

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