New Yellowstone Season 3 Video Reveals Premiere Date And More From Kevin Costner Drama

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Hold on to your cowboy hats! Paramount Network has officially announced the premiere date for Yellowstone Season 3, and it could not be a more appropriate date. Having already been renewed for another season, the smash-hit western was previously said to be galloping back into action this summer. Now that window has narrowed into a nearby release that dear ol' dad will love.

The Duttons will ride again when Season 3 premieres on Father’s Day, which in 2020 lands on Sunday, June 21. Speaking for the Yellowstone fan writing this, I just have to say how fitting it is that a show that revolves around John Dutton (the patriarch of this troublesome ranching family) is coming back on Father’s Day. Now without any further ado, take a look at this new Season 3 video:

Welcome back to Montana, everyone. A full trailer for Season 3 is said to be coming soon, so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, this teaser does an excellent job of satiating fans who are looking forward to Yellowstone’s return. It looks like Kevin Costner’s John Dutton will once again find himself defending the eponymous ranch and his family, this time against some new rivals. He just can't catch a break.

For some good news, though, it looks like Monica and Tate are still living at the ranch, so could this mean more scenes between Monica and Beth in Season 3? I certainly hope so. Elsewhere, fans get another peek at Josh Holloway’s new character, Roarke Carter. In the Yellowstone teaser, he seems to be working on sewing seeds of discontent in the fiercely loyal, Beth.

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I definitely hope Roarke fails in that respect. This is not the first time that Yellowstone fans have gotten a look at Roarke and Beth squaring off. Paramount Network shared the scene of the pair’s intense meeting in Season 3 earlier this year. Roarke’s family is also in the ranching business, and I am curious if the man who says “Come and get it,” (presumably to John) is related to Roarke.

Either way, it looks like an explosive Season 3 is ahead for fans of the hopefully long-running series. Thankfully on that front, there have been hints that many seasons lie ahead for the Kevin Costner-led drama, which is good news, because Yellowstone looks robust as ever in this Season 3 teaser.

Speaking of which, Cole Hauser, who plays fan-favorite Rip Wheeler, previously teased a lot of exciting developments to CinemaBlend. Between Rip’s blossoming romantic relationship with Beth to his fascinating dynamic with Beth and her brother, Jamie, Yellowstone Season 3 should be a veritable powder keg of drama. It is just a matter of watching it all explode.

Big reveals” have been teased for Season 3, also, which is a sign that Yellowstone fans could be in for the much-anticipated reveal regarding the origins of Beth’s spiteful feud with Jamie. The question has captivated viewers and led to a lot of speculation in the process. Season 3’s teaser does not reveal much on that front, sadly, but that just means there will be more to savor later.

However, the picture at the top of this story does show a contemplative Beth spending some time with Rip, her father, and the recently-branded Ryan. And yes, I am hoping she is thinking about a finite future with Rip! Yellowstone viewers will soon find out.

John Dutton is not the only father set to encounter drama when Season 3 premieres, either. Lest we forget that Jamie received the life-altering news that he will supposedly be a dad. I am guessing that Yellowstone will test the loyalty of John’s eldest living son once again. Will he stay true to his father, though? Stay tuned!

Yellowstone will return after this spring’s premieres on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, on Paramount Network, and the show will be running a Season 1 marathon on Mother's Day. If you need to catch up on all of the action, but don't have Paramount Network, the Kevin Costner-led series will be streaming on NBCUniversal’s upcoming service, Peacock, which launches nationally on July 15.

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