Labor Of Love’s Kristy Katzmann Delivers Update On Her Relationship Status After Season 1 Finale

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Warning: Spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Labor of Love are discussed beyond this point.

After eight episodes, Kristy Katzmann made her decision between 15 bachelors in the search to find a man with whom to start a family. Labor of Love’s Season 1 finale saw Kristy select marketing director Kyle Klinger as the prospective father of her future children. Where do things stand between the couple now? It is a totally different story.

After only a few months of dating following Labor of Love’s Season 1 finale, Kristy and Kyle broke up. Now, Kristy is reflecting back on how she made the decision that saw her choose between Kyle and wealth management CEO Stewart Gill. Despite CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley rooting for Stewart, Kristy ultimately went another direction. Explaining her decision, Kristy told People:

I found myself in those last couple of weeks kind of trying to figure out what I had and what I didn’t. I thought going in, should I pick someone in the end, I would have more clarity about who that would be. So I think at the end of the day I made a decision based on the relationships that felt the most real to me, and I did have a lot of questions about Kyle still. We didn't actually have that much time to spend together on the show, and I think as we got on the other side of the show, unfortunately it just kind of became clear that we just weren't compatible.

What Kristy explained can be the downside to starting a relationship on a reality show. There is not much time to spend with the chosen partner. In the end, it does not seem like Kyle or any of the other Labor of Love contestants will be the father of her baby.

Since the breakup, Kristy’s update reveals that she is currently taking the road to motherhood alone. Back when Kristy was trying to make her decision in Labor of Love’s Season 1 finale, she had not arrived at that point yet. On that aspect, Kristy shared:

There was a lot riding on this relationship for me because it really was the last relationship I would have to start a family with someone or to pursue motherhood on my own, but the good news about that is I think that when you kind of set those parameters for yourself, as soon as I realized it wasn't right, I do think our lifestyles were very different. I think our timelines were very different. I really just had to pick up and keep moving forward, which is the motto of my life. Just keep moving forward.

Moving forward is precisely what Kristy has been up to since Labor of Love’s Season 1 finale. The reality star contestant had moved to be with Kyle in his home-base of Austin. Now, she is busy moving back to Chicago, and continuing the IVF process after COVID-19 led to a suspension in the process.

As for why things did not work out with Kyle, Kristy simply said they did not end up being compatible with one another. It is an interesting assessment considering what Labor of Love contestant Keith Reams had told Kristy about his fellow bachelors after she decided to send him home. Speaking about Kyle, Keith said that he had not revealed himself.

Despite that evaluation, Kristy proceeded to choose Kyle. In case you were wondering, Keith also had good things to say about Stewart and Gary Malec. As for Keith, he was sent home after having an outburst, and revealing he had a “fire” inside of himself. As for life after Labor of Love’s Season 1 finale, it seems like Kristy is handling it pretty well all things considered.

Sadly, this means you can add another reality show coupling to the list of those that did not work out, which is not to say some have not succeeded. There have been a few success stories. For Kristy’s part, it did not work out. Labor of Love is over now, which means it is time to set your site on what this fall’s premieres have to offer.

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