Yellowstone Star Confirms Character’s Finale Survival By Celebrating Season 4 Starting Production

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Yellowstone fans, rejoice! The current season may conclude this Sunday, but there is no time to be sad because production on Season 4 is starting today, August 21. How can we be sure? One of Yellowstone’s stars has confirmed it, thus assuring their survival in the upcoming finale. Who is guaranteed to make it to Season 4?

The neo-Western took some surprising last steps towards its Season 3 finale, so at this point, it feels like anything can happen. At least, that is how I am looking at things as we head into it. There is one Yellowstone character that you can breathe easy about surviving until Season 4, though, as production gets underway. Check it out:

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Yes, that is Forrie J. Smith, otherwise known as Yellowstone’s real-life cowboy. Smith plays fan-favorite Lloyd on the series. The current season has been Smith’s first as a series regular, and from the look of things, he will be back to steal scenes in Season 4. Go, Lloyd!

I was not terribly worried that Lloyd would not survive the Season 3 finale because he has seemed so invincible previously. Lloyd’s adoptive son of sorts, Rip Wheeler, is arguably in a more precarious place going into the season-ender. However, anything goes on Yellowstone, and Lloyd could have had a shocking departure ahead of Season 4.

Thankfully, Yellowstone will be sparing fans such a loss. Lloyd lights up every scene he is in, and the Western is lucky to have him. I also imagine that his portrayer, Forrie J. Smith, will be a wonderfully lively presence to have as the Kevin Costner starrer goes into production on its first season in the wake of COVID-19.

Ahead of production beginning, Yellowstone’s co-creator, Taylor Sheridan, had enlightened fans as to how the show would proceed. Sheridan discussed splitting things up into zones and predicted that such restrictions would not end anytime soon. In related news, due to the new filming protocols, Yellowstone has had to leave one location behind.

The Paramount Network series will not be filming in Utah this year. Instead, production will take place entirely in Montana. That is one question asked and answered. Yellowstone has many more to resolve as it hurtles into its Season 3 finale. I have to say that Season 4 is not coming into my line of sight the way that I predicted.

The feeling that I had heading into Yellowstone’s penultimate episode completely changed after watching it. On a positive note, the ominous foreboding about Rip seemed to shift towards a more optimistic tone. Meanwhile, Jamie appeared to also fall off the list of potential candidates not to make it to Season 4.

Yellowstone’s Kelsey Asbille did tease a “jaw-dropping” finale, so it seems that something unexpected will happen. I am anxiously anticipating what that is, because Asbille also said she is “wondering” how the show will “move forward.” Viewers will be right along with her soon enough. I am just grateful to be able to breathe easy about Lloyd’s future.

The prelude to Season 4 (the Season 3 finale) of Yellowstone airs this Sunday, August 23, at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. While you also stay tuned for production updates on Season 4, have your eyes out for this fall’s premieres. You can refresh your memory on Yellowstone’s past finales by watching the first two seasons on NBCUniversal’s new streamer, Peacock.

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