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Looks Like Former Big Brother Houseguests Are Rooting For Janelle

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The houseguests selected for Big Brother All-Stars have drawn some criticism from the fandom, with some questioning the all-star status of some of the participants. Obviously, that's not the case for the undisputed "queen of Big Brother" Janelle Pierzina, and there's no shortage of people rooting for her in the upcoming season.

And it turns out that while the Big Brother All-Stars cast wasn't necessarily thrilled to see her in the house, former players of the game on the outside were thrilled to see her compete again. Season 6's Beau Beasley (who had a pretty big fight with her during his season but later mended fences with her) was sending good energy her way after she was put on the block:

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Things don't look great for Janelle Pierzina at the moment in Big Brother All-Stars. The majority alliance house has been gunning for her and Kaysar Ridha to be eliminated since week 1 and, now that Tyler Crispen pulled the trigger, one of them looks to be headed home. The popular consensus is that Janelle will be taken out of the house, but fellow Season 6 player April Lewis thinks Janelle could pull it off:

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James Rhine played a close game with Janelle Pierzina in both Season 6 and the first All-Star season (Season 7), so it should be no surprise that he's glad to see Janelle not going down without a fight. Rhine approved of Janelle's quick spat with Nicole Franzel after Nicole tried to sneak in a sly jab and get away with it:

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The cold war between Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel has been going on frequently during the first three weeks of the competition, for various reasons. Nicole has alleged that Janelle doesn't like her and wrote an article about how her win in Season 18 wasn't valid and only happened because of some drama that occurred between Franzel and another former Big Brother houseguest, Rachel Reilly, on The Amazing Race. The details of what happened there aren't clear, but Reilly has spoken out in support of Janelle (who she is friends with) during what may be the final week of her being on Big Brother All-Stars:

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Fans may be upset about Janelle Pierzina likely going home come Thursday but, as past winners like Dan Gheesling are pointing out, there is still time for the queen of Big Brother to turn it around. Gheesling reminded fans that there's still some time for Janelle to make a move and that winning Big Brother isn't the only way she could leave this house satisfied:

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"Old school" players love Janelle Pierzina because she's one of them, but there are new school players that are in her corner as well. Haleigh Broucher, who played with Big Brother All-Stars' Bayleigh Dayton and Tyler Crispen in Season 20, made it known before the week's HOH (which Tyler won) who she was pulling for:

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It's possible Janelle Pierzina rides out the storm and Kaysar Ridha is sent packing instead, but it's not likely. Perhaps the coming days ahead of eviction will change things but, until then, Janelle fans may want to get used to Big Brother All-Stars without her.

Big Brother All-Stars airs on CBS Wednesday, August 24, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happenings with the season, and for more news in the world of television and movies.

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