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Dog The Bounty Hunter Has A New Streaming TV Show In The Works

Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Dog Chapman A&E

Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Dog Chapman A&E

(Image credit: Dog the Bounty Hunter / A&E Screenshot)

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been a busy man, and fans will have the opportunity to follow his adventures as a bounty hunter in a whole new way. After a rough year in 2019, Duane “Dog” Chapman is starting a brand new chapter. The reality star has a new streaming TV show in the works, and it is coming to a new platform.

First, let’s get into Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new show. Deadline reports that the new show is (appropriately) entitled Dog Unleashed, and it will find Dog doing what he does best as he hunts down the worst of the worst criminal offenders, who are charged with acts including murder and sex offenses. Victims will be able to reach out to Dog for help. Where can you watch Dog bring these people into custody?

Dog Unleashed is exclusively heading to an upcoming interactive streaming platform focused on the true crime side of entertainment. It is called Unleashed! and will be available to Dog’s fans 24/7. You can start watching content on the streamer on January 1, 2021.

Yes, you will be able to start 2021 off by tuning into the true-crime-centric streamer. I wonder if Unleashed! will showcase Dog Chapman’s upcoming nuptials? Earlier this year, Dog announced that he had plans for the “biggest wedding ever” following his engagement to girlfriend, Francie France. At the time, Dog the Bounty Hunter had expressed his desire to open the wedding up to fans.

A wedding on the new streaming service sounds like a great option, if you ask me. As for his new TV show, it sounds a lot like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s self-titled series. It ran for eight seasons on A&E and featured Dog and his family, including his now-late wife Beth, tracking down those who had jumped bail.

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new television show on the upcoming streaming service comes after a year rife with tragedy for the reality star. Beth Chapman died in mid-2019 after battling Stage 4 throat cancer. Not too long afterward, Dog’s son Leland was hospitalized following a scuffle with a bail-jumper he and the team were trying to take into custody.

Dog himself was also hospitalized last year following a heart attack scare. While it turned out not to be a heart attack, it was nevertheless a life-threatening condition. Dog later announced that he'd been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism.

Considering the new reality show, it stands to reason that Dog the Bounty Hunter may be in better shape now. He is re-marrying (not to Moon Angell), and he has a new series in the works. Streaming is all the rage these days, but there is no confirmed premiere date for Dog Unleashed yet, so stay tuned.

The streaming platform that Dog Unleashed will bow on -- Unleashed! -- will launch on the first day of next year -- January 1, 2021. While you wait for it and Dog Unleashed to premiere, check out this fall’s offerings.

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