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Actor Nick Cordero tragically died on July 5, 2020 due to complications from COVID-19, after a months-long battle with the illness. Now, months after his passing, Amanda Kloots celebrated her husband’s 42nd birthday by sharing a video and touching message on social media.

Amanda Kloots shared a lot with Nick Cordero’s fans, both before and after his death. She has continued to do so as she processes her grief over her husband and the father of their young son, Elvis. In honor of Cordero’s 42nd birthday, Kloots took to Instagram, starting her message by writing:

My angel in heaven is celebrating his birthday today. Happy 42nd Birthday baby[.] I bet you’re having quite the celebration up there, probably singing to everyone. Elvis and I will be singing here on earth to you.

The birthday message from Amanda Kloots comes after she previously shared a poignant family video that her sister had made for her. It has been a trying year for Kloots, who fiercely supported her husband as he struggled from the aftermath of contracting COVID-19. Since his passing, Kloots has celebrated her and her husband’s tragically-shortened relationship.

For her husband's 42nd birthday, Amanda Kloots shared that her and Nick Cordero’s son, Elvis, will be singing for him on Earth. A few months ago, Kloots had shared a video of Elvis saying his first words.

Broadway star Nick Cordero, who also had a role on CBS’ Blue Bloods, had been fighting for his life since late March before his death in early July. Throughout it all, Amanda Kloots faithfully documented her husband’s highs and lows. Sylvester Stallone was among those to send supportive messages to the actor when he woke up from his coma. As for Kloots, Cordero has never been far from her social media posts.

Upon the one-month anniversary of his death, Amanda Kloots paid tribute to the late star. She has also documented her journey moving into a new home without her husband. Check out Kloots’ full post in honor of her husband's birthday below:

In her post, Amanda Kloots included a picture and a video (slide to the right) from Nick Cordero’s 41st birthday, only a year ago. As you can see in Kloots’ moving post, Cordero appeared to be a picture of health. It is terribly sad to know that only six months later, Cordero would come down with a life-ending case of coronavirus.

Captioning the birthday video, Amanda Kloots recalled that Nick Cordero had mentioned how blessed he was after blowing out his birthday candles just a year ago. In her Instagram stories, Kloots had shared that the day before Cordero’s birthday marked their first anniversary in Los Angeles. The couple had moved their family to California.

Amanda Kloots lived in Zach Braff's guest house while Nick Cordero was battling the coronavirus. Now, she has spent his birthday in a new house. To see the actor in action as Victor Lugo on Blue Bloods, you can stream previous seasons of the crime procedural on CBS All Access. For some upcoming viewing options, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule.

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