Kristin Cutler? Ryan Seacrest Jokes With Kristin Cavallari About Not Changing Her Name Yet

Ryan Seacrest and Kristin Cavallari interview side-by-side

Kristin Cavallari may be officially split from Jay Cutler, but apparently she’s not full done with the name Cutler yet. Ryan Seacrest nabbed the information during a recent interview with the former Very Cavallari star, who continued to use her maiden name well into her marriage with the former Bears quarterback. At home and in Zoom calls, however, she’s still legally Kristin Cutler. For now.

We live in an era where in-person interviews typically aren’t happening. Thus, when Ryan Seacrest and Kristin Cavallari spoke the other day it was via Zoom, where her name popped up as “Kristin Cutler.” Seacrest is a good interviewer and obviously had to call that out during the iHeart Radio segment, during which they had this revealing exchange:

Ryan Seacrest: It says ‘Kristin Cutler’ on my screen. Did you know that?Kristin Cavallari: Wow, I didn’t even see that. Technically, I’m still Cutler, working on that, but I’m actually literally going to take a note right now to change it. You’re the first person that’s said that. Thank you for pointing that out! Appreciate it. That’s great.Seacrest: I just figured… Kristin Cavallari? Cutler? In just a sec, Kristin Cavallari’s on with us. We’ve just helped her out in a major way.

While Seacrest jokes about Cavallari’s name and helping her to get to the bottom of the mystery, the real takeaway is Cavallari admitting she’s still sorting out some stuff related to her split from Jay Cutler. The two called it quits back in April of this year. While that wasn’t so long ago, in 2020 it sort of feels like a lifetime.

Since then, Jay Cutler’s been busy dealing with his farm and the creature murdering his chickens in a twist-filled plot. Meanwhile, Kristin Cavallari reunited with a Laguna Beach flame and has spoken out about the split coming for a real long time.

Still, the two have been professional in regards to one another (at least recently), which makes sense given they are both adults who share kids and will basically be at least somewhat in each others’ lives forever. Jay Cutler even showed support for Kristin Cavallari’s new cookbook, True Comfort, which reportedly gives alternative recipes for a lot of popular comfort foods. On Seacrest’s show, the mom of three even mentioned how she cooks bolognaise and other yummy dishes with healthier ingredients, so the mom has kept busy, despite her life becoming a bit of a whirlwind after her divorce was announced and she dropped her reality show.

We’ll have to see what Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler get up to next. In some ways, I’m honestly more interested to see where Jay Cutler goes. It was rumored when the couple split that his lack of drive toward finding new opportunities after his football career ended may have driven their marriage onto rocky roads. Whether or not that’s true, Jay Cutler’s career has a lot more question marks attached to it than Cavallari’s, as the latter is busy with her book, her kids and her jewelry brand, Uncommon James. Meanwhile, he’s kept busy… hunting and binge-watching Yellowstone, of course. .

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