Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Nominated, And Who Is The Target In Week 11

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Friday, October 16. Read at your own risk!

There has been a tense vibe in the Big Brother All-Stars house ever since Enzo Palumbo won the Head of Household, likely because the other players know it's finally getting real. The reality has set in that one spot in the Final 3 has been taken, and only two players among the three remaining will make it to finale night.

With that said, this is a Head of Household where the nominees aren't always as important as the veto competition. In either case, here's who was nominated and who may be the target that could be sent home in Week 11.

Christmas Abbott Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Christmas Abbott

Enzo Palumbo had promised Cody Calafiore he was going to put Christmas Abbott up on the block, and it looks like he stuck to his word. Once again Enzo has put her up for eviction, but this time she didn't volunteer, and there's a solid chance she could go home.

With Cody Calafiore on the outside just rearing to save his Final 2 partner Nicole Franzel, Christmas essentially needs a veto win to save herself or it's to the jury house to see her buddy Memphis Garrett. That is unless there's some diabolical plan by Enzo here, but I'll get to that here in a bit.

Nicole Franzel Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Nicole Franzel

Obviously, if Cody Calafiore wasn't going to see the block during Enzo Palumbo's Head of Household, it had to be Nicole Franzel. While Nicole has seen the block a good deal over the season, she managed to survive it every time. Right now she's currently positioned to do the same with Cody being the sole vote on the outside, but anything can happen.

This includes Nicole winning another veto all by herself, which isn't as crazy to think as it once was. She had a drastic turnaround on comp performances the past week, and if she can keep that energy going, she may just win again and throw Cody up for a change.

Enzo Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Actual Target?

For the first time this season, multiple people have a say on who the target will be depending on the scenarios that play out. For example, one would assume Enzo Palumbo's target is Christmas Abbott given the nominations, but should she win the power of veto, he may push for Nicole Franzel. There's also an opportunity for him to backdoor Cody Calafiore should he win the veto, but given Enzo's safe play I almost guarantee that's not a thought in his mind.

Should Christmas Abbott win the veto, she's going to take herself down and vote out Cody Calafiore. It's the smartest play, truthfully, for anyone left to make and she seems like the one most likely to do it. A Christmas veto win would really make it a toss-up who wins Big Brother All-Stars, so this is a scenario I can personally get behind.

Nicole Franzel will save herself and swap places with Cody and has a chance to betray the Final 2 partner she has absolutely no chance of winning against. Nicole is a winner so she knows the move she has to make, though I'm not at all certain she'll make it. More likely than not she'll save Cody, and hope that either she gets another chance to cut him next week or Enzo will do it for her.

Cody Calafiore, obviously, will keep nominations the same and save Nicole Franzel. It's the plan he's had since Day 1 in the house, and with so many people in the house willing to play his game, he has no reason not to do the thing that benefits him the most. It's still super weird that guys like Enzo are listening to Cody's suggestions this late in the game, but perhaps that's just more evidence of how much he deserves to win this.

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