Kristen Bell Has Landed Her First Big TV Show Since The Good Place Ended

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Kristen Bell is one of Hollywood’s busiest actresses, and she will keep her working streak going with a new TV show. It is Bell’s first big show since her four-season comedy The Good Place ended this past January. The Frozen star is set to heat up Netflix with an intriguing new darkly comedic thriller. Here is what you need to know.

Kristen Bell is heading to Netflix for a limited series entitled The Woman in the House, per Deadline. The Netflix series spans eight episodes and centers on Bell’s Anna, but definitely not the Anna that Frozen fans might be thinking of! Bell’s new Anna is brokenhearted and bored by her repetitive days.

Cut to one day, when she is drinking wine, and a handsome new neighbor piques her interest. At first, she believes there could be a romance in her future. That is until she believes she has pulled a Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, witnessing a gruesome murder.

While the premise speaks to a relatively dramatic scenario, the Kristen Bell starrer is billed as a dark comedy. I do not know about you, but I am getting some serious Flight Attendant vibes. That HBO Max series stars Kaley Cuoco, and despite its murderous plotline, it is also credited as a darkly comic thriller. Considering Bell and Cuoco’s backgrounds, it makes sense for both shows to utilize their skills in drama and comedy.

As for the comedy portion of The Woman in the House, the upcoming series comes from Will Ferrell’s production company. Yes, Eurovision’s Will Ferrell. In other behind-the-scenes news, Nobodies’ Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf will serve as the series’ co-showrunners. As for The Good Place actress, a Netflix miniseries is a great place for Kristen Bell to follow up on the cult favorite.

The NBC comedy wrapped up towards the beginning of the year, and the timing could not be better. It comes after The Good Place, and Bell reprising her title role in the controversial continuation season of Veronica Mars for Hulu.

Now, she is heading for a whole new streamer. I wonder if the man her character is interested in is the suspected murderer or the murder victim. Either way, it would impact her hopes of a burgeoning romance. My guess is that she thinks the guy is a killer, and that subsequently causes the record scratching.

The Woman in the House has Rear Window vibes that are impossible to ignore, but the question of if Kristen Bell’s Anna actually witnessed a murder offers a new twist.

The Woman in the House will take up residence on Netflix at a currently unknown date. It is safe to say it will debut well after this fall’s premieres release. In the meantime, Netflix has plenty of 2020 premieres to keep you busy.

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