6 Marvel Characters Katee Sackhoff Would Be Perfect To Play

Katee Sackhoff on The Mandalorian

When you think of stars whom you would consider to be “geek goddesses,” Katee Sackhoff has a special place reserved on that list. As Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the Syfy (when it was still called Sci-Fi) reboot of Battlestar Galactica, bounty hunter Dahl in 2013’s Riddick, and her surprising live action return as her Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Bo-Katan Kryze on The Mandalorian, the 40-year-old actress has come a long way since her breakout role in the much-reviled Halloween: Resurrection. Based on all of this and more, it is surprising that she has not been cast in any Marvel movies at this point.

In all honesty, it would not be the first time Katee Sackhoff has been considered for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor would it be her comic book character debut either. She has actually played a couple of DC characters, including Detective Sarah Essen in the animated adaptation of Batman: Year One and the villainous recurring role of Blacksmith on The Flash, as well as a few Marvel characters - notably the voice of She-Hulk on The Super Hero Squad Show. There was even a fan-backed campaign to see her cast as Captain Marvel, but she was actually pleased to see it go to Brie Larson as she does not “like playing the hero anyway - it’s boring,” as a quoted from the Associated Press claims.

I kept that revelation in mind when looking for characters from the pages of Marvel Comics whom Katee Sackhoff might be more interested in playing for live action. I think the following six ladies might be perfect match, starting with one whom the Another Life star might feel right at home if cast as.

Hepzibah is a member of the Spacejammers


I wonder if Katee Sackhoff holds the record for the number of times a single actress has played a space traveler as that description makes up a good chunk of her filmography. Well, if she has not yet hit that number, and since many of the best roles in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise have been taken, playing Hepzibah (a Hebrew alias meant to replace her unpronounceable birthname) could help bring her closer to that milestone. The highly athletic alien race from the skunk-like race known as Mephitisoids is currently a member of the space pirate crew called the Starjammers, but has also fought alongside the X-Men, which could be a fitting to induct her into the MCU.

Raven Darkholme is Mystique


An X-Men character who might be even more appealing to Katee Sackhoff would be Mystique, known for her uncanny ability to assume the resemblance of any person she chooses. Previously portrayed by Rebecca Romijn and later Jennifer Lawrence as a younger (and seemingly ageless) Raven Darkholme, the shapeshifter has undergone a complicated evolution, often struggling with which side of the mutant agenda she is devoted to, making her one of Marvel’s most fascinating characters whose arc I am looking forward to seeing reinterpreted for the MCU, especially. Plus, donning all that blue makeup would be a new, unique challenge for Sackhoff, who has rarely played a role that required much body modification.

Emma Frost is the White Queen

Emma Frost

On the other hand, Mystique almost falls more in line with the anti-hero category and Katee Sackhoff might be more interested in an X-Men with an even more sinister reputation. In that regard, the literal ice queen, Emma Frost, whom January Jones once took a crack at playing in X-Men: First Class, takes the cake. Otherwise known by her alias the White Queen, the blonde mutant has had her moments of heroism, but villainy is her strong suit, which is why someone who relishes at the chance to play a baddie as much as Sackhoff deserves this role and has the chance to take it to greater heights on the big screen than ever before.

Mary Walker is Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary

Speaking of recasting for the big screen, I know that the ruthless alter ego of DID patient Mary Walker is, technically, already part of the MCU thanks to a slightly more grounded interpretation on Iron Fist as played by fellow “geek goddess” Alice Eve. However, given the treatment those Netflix exclusive series would come to receive, I question if they are still considered canon at all anymore. That being said, I cannot see why fans would bat an eye at a new cinematic portrayal of Typhoid Mary (or even as her later alias Mutant Zero), especially with Katee Sackhoff taking over.

Felica Hardy is Black Cat

Black Cat

The last time that Felicia Hardy was adapted for live action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as played by Felicity Jones, she did not get the best treatment either, especially since we never got to see her as her alter ego, Black Cat. The feline-esque anti-hero with a soft spot for Spidey is actually one of the Marvel characters whom Katee Sackhoff has provided the voice for (in this case from the 2011 video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time) and is also one whom the actress has said she would gladly reprise in a feature film. Of course, given her age difference from Tom Holland, we would best have to keep the more romantic elements of her relationship with the Webslinger out of the picture, but the character’s other defining qualities should be in good hands with Sackhoff again.

Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman


Despite my initial commitment to finding Marvel characters of more malevolent qualities for Katee Sackhoff to play, just as it is tradition for us to throw a well-known villain into the mix, I figure suggesting a full-fledged do-gooder would help balance things out. For instance, it was announced not too long ago that Sony is looking to bring Spider-Woman to the big screen with Booksmart director Olivia Wilde in talks to helm the project. Though it has not officially been confirmed which iteration of the arachnid-like heroine the film will focus on, it is OG fan favorite Jessica Drew (a government agent who gained powers like gliding, venomous blasts, and pheromonal manipulation due to her father’s experiments), Sackhoff seems like an ideal candidate to play the character, even if she is just another “boring” superhero.

What do you think? Should Olivia Wilde and Katee Sackhoff exchange numbers, or would you rather see her continue her tenure under Disney with her own Star Wars movie Bo-Katan Kryze? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the illustrious cult actress, as well as as even more hypothetical comic book movie casting sessions, here on CinemaBlend.

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