Chris Evans Reacts To Disney+'s Thrilling Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading into a new era following the events of Avengers: Endgame, and a lot of that era seems to be unfolding on the small screen with Disney+ series rather than just films. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will seemingly cover the aftermath of the loss of Captain America from the superhero scene, with Sam Wilson as Falcon and Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier stepping up in his absence. The first trailer for the show has released, and former Captain America Chris Evans has thoughts.

Chris Evans' message after seeing the Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer is short and sweet, but a sentiment that plenty of Marvel fans can probably agree with now that nearly two full minutes of content have finally released:

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Chris Evans' selection of the fire emoji both captures sentiments regarding that trailer and pretty much describes the trailer, which is packed with explosions to go along with the jaw-dropping aerial action, hints of the state of the world with a Captain America vacuum, and banter between Steve Rogers' best friends who no longer have him as a buffer. Not only are Sam and Bucky faced with Captain America's legacy with that shield, but also with the crisis that evidently arises.

Although spoilers about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have been leaking over the past year thanks to everything from set photos to toys that were put into production before the show made any official reveals, this was the first good look at the new series, and arguably the most revealing of the other MCU series trailers that have released so far.

The trailers for WandaVision haven't given much away other than that Wanda has a big mystery on her hands, and the timeline craziness following Avengers: Endgame makes it no surprise that the Loki trailer was mostly confusing. If you ask me, The Falcon and the Winter soldier content looks more like it's straight out of a feature film rather than a TV show.

In introducing the trailer at Disney Investor Day 2020, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige actually stated that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is "a Marvel Studios movie, played out over six episodes," so the cinematic nature of the trailer isn't misleading. Depending on how well it works, it could be proof that the MCU can successfully continue the Captain America story without Chris Evans' Steve Rogers actually bearing the shield.

Replacing an original Avenger is a risky move, although it's worth noting that the Disney+ TV shows could be exploring that on multiple fronts. On top of Sam or Bucky potentially shedding their previous Falcon/Winter Soldier identity to become the next Captain America, we have the next potential Hawkeye with Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop in Jeremy Renner's upcoming show, Tatiana Maslany debuting as She-Hulk in a series featuring Mark Ruffalo, and more.

Fortunately, three of the upcoming MCU series actually have premiere windows already set. WandaVision will debut in January of 2021, followed by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in March 2021 and Loki in May 2021. During the wait, you can find plenty of MCU action featuring these characters streaming on Disney+, and our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule can point you toward some additional viewing options.

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