Will Netflix's Mr. Iglesias Fans Ever Meet Gertrude? Gabriel Iglesias Weighs In

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Mr. Iglesias, you know that Gertrude does not appear on the show but her presence is felt and you probably have an idea of her personality. For those less familiar, Mr. Iglesias follows a high school history teacher (played by Gabriel Iglesias) and his various relationships with his students, friends and co-workers. One of those co-workers is fellow teacher Ray Hayward (played by Richard Gant) whose wife Gertrude is the focus of many of Ray’s jokes even though she’s not actually on the show. So, will we ever see her? Gabriel Iglesias shared his thoughts in an interview with CinemaBlend.

There’s a good number of references to Gertrude in the 20 episodes of Mr. Iglesias that are currently streaming. We know that Ray gets to work early and often goes out with his colleagues after work to avoid his wife, but he’s been married to her for many years and has no plans to end it. I imagine Ray showing a very different side of himself when Gertrude is around, and that would be a lot of fun to see, as well as meet the woman he is seemingly always running from. So of course, when I got to talk to Gabriel Iglesias, I had to know if there are any plans to bring her on in Part 4. Here’s what he shared:

Oh my God, that's so funny. You know, we’ve talked about actually introducing the character of Richard's wife on the show because we always make reference to her. If we do another season, I think that there's a possibility. I didn't think I'd be getting into a relationship and, uh, yeah, you see how that's playing out. So, never say never. And we're always open to introducing new characters on the show.

So there you have it. No set plans yet or casting news, but the writers and producers have discussed it and it’s very possible! Mr. Iglesias has a lot of characters between the students and faculty, which makes sense because the series is set at a high school, so all of the characters share that common ground. We’ve met the father (Franco Escamilla) of Gabe’s favorite student Marisol (Cree Cicchino) and the ex-boyfriend (Joel McHale) of Gabe’s friend and colleague Abigail (Maggie Geha), so it wouldn’t be a far leap to introduce another main character’s relative.

The love interest Gabriel Iglesias mentioned is played by Elora Casados. First introduced at the end of Part 2 and then very prominent in Part 3, Casados’ character Jackie allows the audience to see a new side of Gabe, since prior to her we’d only experienced him as a teacher, friend or co-worker. Part 3 is a lot of fun because we see Gabe falling in love, and although Jackie is a newcomer she fits right into the cast as if she’s been there the whole time. This gives me hope that the same could happen with Gertrude, and she could show us new and likely hilarious parts of Ray’s personality.

At the time of this writing, Netflix hasn't released any word yet on ordering additional episodes of Mr. Iglesias, but you can stream the first 20 episodes right now. Already finished? We have reasons for you to binge-watch Superstore and Ryan Murphy’s Pose.

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