Yes, Tom Brady Is Hated Enough That Jimmy Kimmel Gave Him His Own Mean Tweets Segment

Tom Brady reading a Mean Tweet.

NFL legend Tom Brady has earned just about every accolade possible playing in the NFL, and along the way, he’s acquired more than his fair share of haters too. In fact, the noise around the longtime New England Patriots quarterback and current Tampa Bay Buccaneer is so loud that Jimmy Kimmel decided to give him his own Mean Tweets segment. Not surprisingly, there was plenty of hilarious and hateful material to work with.

Tom Brady made the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week ahead of today’s Super Bowl, and he read off some absolute heaters with a smile on his face, at least until one mean commenter wished harm on his dog. There are lines you can’t cross and wishing someone’s dog eats chocolate and then vomits is definitely on the wrong side of it. You can check out the entire hilarious segment below…

Tom Brady typically isn’t the type to go out of his way to attract attention. He’ll occasionally have some fun on Twitter, but it’s almost always in a thoughtful, non inflammatory kind of way. He mostly does his own thing and always seems very reserved and cautious when communicating with the general public. In an age where everything professional athletes do is documented, that’s probably the wise decision, but whether it’s discussing his political opinions or talking about his personal life or just taking shots at on-field things like his arm strength, that cautiousness hasn’t stopped the haters from finding reasons to hate.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segments might not get quite the publicity they once did, but they remain an extremely popular offering of the comedian’s late night show that's easily adaptable to specific guests. Sometimes when a format works, it just works. People are the absolute worst versions of themselves on Twitter, and they have an easy way to direct anger toward others, specifically celebrities. Learning how to process and deal with those negative responses is a challenge for many, and Mean Tweets serves as a nice outlet to be able to acknowledge it and joke about it in a low stakes manner.

Much higher stakes for Brady is today’s Super Bowl. The 43-year-old future Hall Of Famer will obviously remain a football legend whether he wins or loses, but you know he would love to win his first Super Bowl outside the New England Patriots. Given his age, this could be his best chance to do that, but in order to lift the Lombardi Trophy, he’s going to need to get by Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, who won last year’s contest. Despite nearly having a Covid-related disaster, most of the team is healthy and ready to roll today.

The Super Bowl airs today on CBS in the United States. If you don’t have cable or a convenient way to watch, you can check out a breakdown of your options here. Just make sure you figure all of this out before you start cooking. The last thing you want to be doing at the last minute is scrambling and running the risk of missing the start of the game or God forbid, burning the dip.

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