Dang, Looks Like A-Rod Shelled Out A Lot Of Moolah For Fitness Plan To Help Him Lose The Weight

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Former Major League Baseball star and current businessman Alex Rodriguez has likely not had the best time in his personal life lately. But, while things weren't going well with his former fiancée, superstar Jennifer Lopez, he was also working on his personal fitness journey. Rodriguez recently showed off his transformation from having a self-described "Dad-bod" in late 2020 to his new, trimmer figure, and it sounds like he may have shelled out a ton of moolah for the fitness plan which helped him lose the weight.

According to Page Six, Alex Rodriguez put some of his considerable wealth where a bag of potato chips used to be, and spent $4,000 on the fitness program at Miami’s 54D in the Coral Gables neighborhood to transform his body. A lot of people have been trying to figure out how to lose the weight they put on during the long, stressful months of quarantine, and we can likely bet that few of them will be putting up any where near this much for an exercise program which lasts nine weeks, as the one Rodriguez participated in did.

Of course, we all know that no one has to spend this kind of money on a fitness program, but it would seem that Rodriguez thought he needed the boost which comes from very personalized, specialized attention, and good for him. Apparently, the program at 54D uses weightlifting, cardio and HIIT training to get folks back to their more desired fitness levels, and it also has workout recovery therapies so that all that lifting / running / jumping / what-have-you won't completely wear out someone not quite used to it yet. These could include cryotherapy, and the use of Normatec boots, which cover the leg and offer "restorative massage" to help muscles recover faster.

In case you're wondering, the program Alex Rodriguez took part in does also feature a nutritional component to help people learn how to eat better, and asks that participants refrain from drinking alcohol while enrolled. There are a lot of people who have a firm belief in both the power of having someone to be accountable to when attempting to become healthier, and in putting real money into those efforts (hiring a trainer, getting a gym membership, buying equipment...) to make one take the work involved in losing weight seriously. And, it all seems to have worked for Rodriguez, with the owner of 54D, Rodrigo Garduño, noting:

A-Rod showed amazing commitment during our 54-day program. He was at the training on time, no matter how busy his schedule could be. That is the only way to achieve results.

Alex Rodriguez has joined a long list of celebrities like Sherri Shepherd, Tiffany Haddish, Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osbourne, Luke Evans and Modern Family alum Nolan Gould who made the effort recently to up their fitness game. Hopefully, Rodriguez and everyone who's embarking on such a journey will come out on top with the tools they need to make their changes last and live healthier lives because of them.

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